It takes two (part 1)


Everything that has a beginning has its ending either a good or a bad ending and always a journey of thousands of miles start with a single step. In love life the story is the same. If demands and expectations are made, then the doing will be smooth and enriching right from the first encounter to the last day. One of the worst experiences in life is a broken marriage and termination of a romantic relationship. This paper will analyze by explaining how to end a romantic relationship which can be an easy or difficult process depending on the two parties’ (the two people involved) commitment.

It Takes Two

To end a romantic relationship is not as easier as it is said. When it appears that couples can not cope up with each other, it is far and much better to end that relationship in peace and not in pieces. There are so many factors that may lead up to ending a romantic relationship assuming this relationship is between a man and a woman. Some of the factors include; how long that relationship has been in existence, one partner having a chronic disease or infection like HIV/AIDS, unable or unwilling to meet some demands like sex before marriage, discovering hidden information from other previous relationships, family ties where a relationship may be between relatives for instance cousins and recurrent fights between the two among the few reasons. The duration of a relationship which has been long may end up being boring even though to some degree it is romantic and one partner may decide to call it quits hence end the relationship as (Howse, Hugh and Marshall 45) agree that, “the subtle guilt of doing something wrong makes it difficult for the individual to settle down into a relationship and these pulls and pushes result in anxiety and ultimately the breakdown of the relationship and thus accounting for the transitory and short lived nature of these relationships”.

To others, having or discovering a chronic disease like cancer or HIV in the other partner will necessitate termination of this relationship though for some people or partners this is not an issue. A relationship can be ended due to peculiar demands weird behavior from the other partner like soliciting for sex before its time that is marriage. Some people end their romantic lives after discovering some hidden information, for instance, one partner had been in a relationship and having children with the former relationship without divulging it to the new romantic partner. Romantic relationships have their black side like fighting day in day out and this can be the best reason to end the relationship.

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