Middle east (part 2)

There are different views and requirements from both sides which must be compromised upon in order to settle for peace. It has to be understood that this conflict should be resolved at the earliest because of the fact that there are many countries in the Middle East that are highly influenced by these conflicts. In fact over the passage of time Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan all have been affected by strikes from Israel due to various reasons (Finkelstein, 2003). Moreover, the Jerusalem is the holy place for Muslims as well as Jews and Christians so when the reason becomes religious all the Muslims can reunite to fight against the Israel (Selby, 2004). The better would be to go for resolution as soon as possible.

Palestinians have demands all according to the UN Security Council suggestions. They demand that they should be given full freedom with all the borders that were in 1967. They say that when the international borders have been decided what is the reason for Israel to cross those borders without UN taking any serious steps in stopping it (Finkelstein, 2003). They demand that they should be given the control of Eastern Jerusalem at every cost because it was decided in the UN resolution that the control of East Jerusalem will be always for the Palestine. Moreover their other legal demand is that the Israeli forces should leave the Palestinian territory as soon as possible because being a free country they don’t want any other country’s forces to invade their country whenever they want (Holliday, 1999). And in the end they also want that the refugees should move back to their homes those were forced to leave from Israel. On the neutral point of view, we can all see that they are talking about their rights which should be given to them at all costs. They are only asking for their rights which have been decided for them in 1967. Even in 1967 they are treated with injustice but still they have managed to understand the truth of the situation. Israelis have been able to control all the major cities of Palestine in order to cope with the terrorism (Holliday, 1999). They have been ever so increasing their territory by forcing Palestinians backward. They have made the people of those areas to leave their homes and property as well. Any protests from them have been dealt with killing and abusing in various ways (Harms, 2008). The control of the water has been taken away from them and in this situation we are observing that UN and USA who always try to be the good guys have always been supporting Israel against these things and in fact they haven’t even tried the counter strike against Israel as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq. If they are unable to resolve this clear issue, there is no question of the existence of UN when it can’t do anything.

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