Here is a list of things to do during summer

Summer is getting closer and you must be looking forward to it, right? Don’t waste your summer break! Summer time is perfect for making memories. So make your summer days fun and memorable with these tips from.

See if you can manage them all!

  1. Live at least one day without Internet and phone. Turn off the computer and phone and devote the entire day to yourself. And don’t yield to the temptation to check your Facebook!
  2. Go on a road trip into the country for the whole weekend. Feel what it is like to be one with nature.
  3. Brush up on you culinary skills. Admit it, at college you seldom have time to cook a proper meal. Now you can learn some new recipes and add something new to those you already know.
  4. Visit your college friends in their home towns or invite them to your place. Show them around and have a pyjama party later. Make sure to take as many photos as possible.
  5. Organize a picnic at the beach. Stay there till the morning and see the sunrise.
  6. Sleep outside whenever the weather allows.
  7. Eat your favorite fresh berries and make all sorts of desserts with them. You may even spend a day at a farm gathering them.
  8. Finally read that book you kept meaning to read for last few months. Then share your impressions with a friend and ask him/her to recommend another book.
  9. Go to a park concert with your buddies. This is something you can only do during summer, so why waste such an opportunity?
  10. Have the courage to try something entirely new for you: skydiving, gardening, sand drawing, pet sitting or whatever. There is much more to life than you may think.
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