When you are desperately trying to live your life to the fullest and still somehow simplify your life without losing its amazing craziness and beauty, you want to say “Yes” to the right things and “No” to all the clutter. So much does happen every single day and so much is still to come, whether you want it to happen or not. Is there any rule that works best in this fuss and what is it about indeed? I bet you’ve already thought about the ways which could drastically simplify your life, haven’t you? The suggested rules are the ones that have already changed my life for better and greatly helped me to get rid of all the clutter and see the life much simpler than I used to.

1. Regulate yourself with one source of information

Once I’ve noticed how much overwhelmed I become due to the number of sources, teachers, and books, I realized that I need to sort things out. We are living in the world of information and I should admit the world of debates, whether it’s a nutrition issue about the gluten-free diet, keto diet, or dairy free diet – this list is endless and can make crazy anyone believe me! Whether you think about becoming a vegan or reduce your coffee addiction or whatever mind to get information and learn from one teacher or source at a time. Go through the entire thing, and then take up its implementation. This way you’ll save your nerves and will be able to move on to the next book or source without your mind being stuck with all those controversial questions.

2. Focus on One big goal

The tendency to set two to six goals at a time leads you to a standstill because you squander your energy and time in different directions. Why shouldn’t you set one yet meaningful and big goal? Keeping your concentration on one thing, you are more likely to succeed. What to say about the motivation which doubles as the long-expected results seem to be so near and reachable! You might ask why should you set limits on yourself, but who says that it’s the only one goal to be set? It goes about one goal at a time!

3. Don’t check email (or social media) before 12 PM

Establish a new rule if possible of course. If not try to save yourself some morning hours at least a few and don’t check your email until a certain time of a day. Setting this rule you are increasing your productivity level enormously and completely destroy the chance to steal your attention during the most productive hours, the morning ones.

4. No screens open after 9 PM

By this, I mean every screen, the phone too! Keep asking myself why people tend to stick to their phones investigating the latest news of their social media friends, tell me please for what? Does it make sense who and where was partying last night till morning? Come on, is it really interesting and worth your time that is supposed to be for your relax before the next busy day? This tendency to follow the other’s people life is the most stupid thing ever!

5. You need your 20 minutes of alone time every single day

Don’t even try to find excuses why you can’t or haven’t started doing that yet. I believe since now you CAN and You MUST do it! There are 24 hours in a day, why shouldn’t you dedicate at least 20 minutes of quiet time to be with just yourself? Don’t forget that everything starts with you, and please be yourself a good friend and schedule these 20 minutes as for your best friend ever!

6. Clarify your thoughts

Sometimes, the most evident things are the simplest in the world, but it requires a bit of time to realize them. I can’t explain how does it all work, but writing is the best tool for solving even the hardest issue you’ve been struggling with for so long. Journal for a couple minutes a day and watch how your thoughts will be unexpectedly organized and clarified.

7. Certain colors in a wardrobe

Buying and wearing only certain colors saves you time and, I should admit, useless efforts and energy. If you like wearing neutral colors, for example, you buy only neutrals; your wardrobe is super matched. What to say about the pleasure to get dressed without efforts every day. I wish I’d implemented this rule earlier!

8. Set a baseline in your life

There is so much to be done but there are only 24 hours in a day? What if you’ve just put so much and your desire to manage everything is more a disastrous feeling than a productive one? You should set a baseline in your life; it’s like prioritizing the most significant things and activities the ones which you do want to overcome. Make it a bit simpler, stop chasing the fast train, and stay on track with a bit less effort.

9. Mind what you think about the facts

A clear life starts from a clear mind. I wonder how people are making their lives crazy simply by making circumstances mean much more than they actually are and mean. We should remember once and for all – what we think about the facts and what they actually are – is a huge difference! Stop making your life crazier and more complicated than it is. Stop overthinking because the trouble isn’t the fact indeed, it’s the way we consider that fact.

10. Invest in the relationships that are worth your time

Choose your relationships consciously; the quality of your life depends on the quality of the relationships you keep. It’s better to spend more time with fewer people but with the worth ones.

11. Define three priorities for the next day the night before

The first forget about those impossible and crazy to-do lists which even a wonder-woman or a superman won’t cope with. Get rid of them as they are just constantly driving you crazy, nothing more. Instead, I do recommend identifying your three priorities for every day in order of their importance. It is much simpler than it might seem to be, isn’t it? Anything that is beyond this list you should consider extra and do I really need to drop a hint now?

12. When tough choices are on the corner you have to ask yourself these two questions

Not to become bogged down in doubts and confusion when you just can’t get the answer, or decide what to do in a certain situation, ask yourself only two questions. Whenever you feel this way, answer yourself…
How my future self would act in this very situation in a few years?
What do I expect from all of this and what’s the major goal is?
Life might seem much complicated only because of our long-term deadlock in our heads, instead of finally making choices we are asking yourselves millions of why? for what? what if, and so on…Instead of running a marathon we are standing at the start line and keep hesitating and doubting. The point is YOU only need to do it, start running.

13. Declutter time

It has to be your regular routine like taking a shower in the morning, decluttering is one of the very first things that does simplify your life extremely. I can’t imagine anyone who feels super motivated and creative when there is a dump around. Take it a rule to throw out or give away at least one item every single day. Can you imagine the way you will feel? Super organized, the fewer things you have, the better and simpler your life is, believe me.

14. Be determined about your values

Life could be a lot easier only when you know for sure what you want from it and what you believe in. How should you cut every possible evil in your life having no clue what you do want and are striving for? That’s why you need to be clear about what your values are. Jot down what your values are and organize them into life categories (personal and spiritual development, relationships, health, money, career, environment, fun activities, and volunteer and service work).

15. Learn to say “NO” once a day

Saying no is when the process of simplifying your life gets a start because I can’t imagine another way to cut things from life. Practice saying no, whether you are about cutting some food from your diet or anything else. Start small and become a pro in NO. Whenever you feel it’s hard for you to avoid something, just utter intentionally this miraculous word and enjoy how much easier it gets. It’s all about practice. Once you’ve mastered NO once a day for little things, the big ones are waiting for you.

Before you start implementing these rules in your life, keep in mind that it’s you who is reducing the noise that’s coming; you are the person, who is able to simplify, change, and lead the life you want.

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