Pentecost, for those who are not interested in Christianity, is widely regarded as the birthday of the church. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, was crucified, resurrected, and then preached to His disciples for forty days before ascending back to heaven. The celebration is usually observed on the 50th day after Easter. For two millennia, this day has been a reason to rejoice and be glad. Here are several interesting facts about Pentecost to make you love it even more.

The Background of Pentecost 

Being traced back to the 1st century AD, Pentecost is considered to be the first feast of the Church. Interestingly, it happens at the same time as the Jewish Feast of Weeks, which is observed after Passover. This celebration is dedicated to thanking Lord for freedom from Egypt and finding Canaan. Many Jewish Christians combine the traditions of their heritage and their new faith.

The Story of Pentecost 

The book of Acts tells the story of the first Pentecost. 120 followers of Jesus were praying together. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit came to them in the form of a strong wind that was noticed all around Jerusalem. All the worshipers started speaking tongues. More than three thousand people came to investigate and were immediately converted by Apostle Peter. This is how the church was officially founded.

Traditions of Pentecost

All the traditions related to the Pentecost celebration are impacted by the church. Baptisms are common on this day. Priests put on red vestments, while new converts come in white robes. Usual attributes include rose petals, banners with the pictures of flames and doves, and trumpet music. Churches all around the world organize reading from the scripture and special celebratory services.

If you want to celebrate Pentecost, there’s nothing easier even if getting to a church is not an option. Just learn more about the history and traditions associated with this day. You can watch videos online, read pamphlets, and even register at Sharefaith with its enormous library of Christian images. Have a wonderful celebration!

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