Do you feel at times that you have seen everything out there on the web? Even if you do, you need to remember that the Internet is incredibly vast. It is full of websites you have never even heard of. If you want to find cool ways to pass time on the web by choosing the sites that will never let you go, this article is for you.

Now go ahead and read our list of websites and learn about the best ways to pass time on the Internet!

30 Top Sites

  1. Noisli. Do you want to boost your productivity and creativity? Then visit this website, where you will find a huge selection of sounds you can use as a background for your work, study, or relaxation.
  1. Down For Everyone Or Just Me? Save this website in your clippings as you might want to use it from time to time. It can check any website for you and say if it is down at the moment, or if it is just you.
  1. Fbomb. When you want to have fun and see the stats of how often people drop the F-bomb on Twitter, use this website. It works in real time.
  1. NoJPEG. Have you ever wanted to know why one cannot have a JPEG file as their logo? Or do you have hard times explaining it to your clients? This website will show why.
  1. Cloudpaint. Due to this website, you can use MacPaint on the web.
  1. Un hear It. We all know how it feels when you have a silly song stuck in your mind. And we all know the best way of this situation – to hear another silly song and let it stuck in your head instead of the first one! This website will help you with it.
  1. Color-code. If you do something where you need to know how different colors look together, use this website to make sure you choose the best color scheme.
  1. How Many People Are In Space Right Now? Due to this website, you will learn how many people live in space at the moment.
  1. NameChk. Here you can check if a particular name is available on a number of social network sites.
  1. Here Is Today. This website is an infographic which will give you another perspective on the notion of time.
  1. The 90s Button. Do you miss the music of the 90s? Check out this website, where you can listen to it with a single click.
  1. CandyBox. If you want to do something to pass the time in the funniest way possible, use this website. It may seem dull at first, but you are going to love it.
  1. Winning Solitaire. If you like to play solitaire now or liked it when you were a kid, check out this website to play it online.
  1. Our World From the ISS. On this website, you can see a whole bunch of photos of our planet taken from the International Space Station. Look how beautiful our home is!
  1. Monocle Ipsum. Do you think that your writing style is not sophisticated enough? Use this website to make it better!
  1. I Wanted To See All Of The News From Today. Using this website is one of the greatest ways to pass time on the web. Here you can see the headlines of today’s papers from all over the world and learn about all the things happening out there.
  1. Every Last Drop. This website tells us about the global water crisis in a fun way and explains why we should save water for the sake of our own future.
  1. 500 Letters. Do you need to write your biography, but do not know how to do it in the limited amount of words? This website will help you.
  1. Where The Fuck Should I Go To Eat? Imagine that you are hungry but cannot figure out where to go to eat something. If it is what you feel right now, this site is for you. In just one click, you will get a recommendation of a nice place nearby.
  1. Daily Routines. There is much to tell about this website, but it is going to be better if you just go and see it. The only thing for you to know is that it is one of the best ways to pass time on the Internet.
  1. Exquisite Corpse. Have you ever heard of this game? Whether you have or not, check out this online version. It is so fun!
  1. Random Street View. This website has Google Earth images from all over the world and shows random street views. Isn’t it exciting?
  1. Mapnificent. This website offers one of the best ways to pass time for commuters, escapists, and fugitives. Here you can see the world map of the best destinations you can reach with public transport.
  1. Falling Falling. Just go to this site and check it for yourself. It is going to hypnotize you!
  1. Quotes and Accents. If you are struggling to write quotes and accents, this website will help you to finally figure out how to do it.
  1. Terms of Service; Didn’t Read. Have you ever read Terms of Service before clicking yes? Sure, you have not – they are always too long and hard to understand. But this website will help you comprehend what you are signing.
  1. What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner? If you are out of ideas and cannot figure out what to cook, this website is going to be super-useful and offer great options to you.
  1. Just Delete Me. If you are tired of getting endless spam, this website is really handy.
  1. The Useless Web. Do you want to find more useless but funny websites? Then go ahead and visit this website!

Aren’t those the best ways to pass time on the web?

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