College students who are graduating are usually so absorbed in preparations for their graduation that they seldom think about the day after graduation. You might consider this absolute nonsense; indeed, who cares about such trifles when you have so much to arrange for your graduation? Nonetheless, knowing what you are going to do after graduation day is no less important. After all, just wasting the whole day is not a smart way to start your new life as a college graduate.

So here you are 5 things to do after graduation day from

1. Make sure to give back your gown and cap. Many students forget about such trivial details, but failure to do it on time can turn out to be rather costly. Return all the stuff during the hours set by your campus. It only takes a few minutes but saves you a lot of time and trouble in the future.

2. Consider the situation with your accommodation. Do you have to check out at a set time? You should be aware of the college rules regarding accommodation. If you have to move out right after graduation day, you better start packing your things now! You don’t want to be fined just for spending an extra day on campus.

3. Get postal addresses, phone numbers and email addressed of all your college friends. It is true that you can stay in touch with the help of Facebook and other social networks, but you never know what may happen. Sometimes communicating via social media just doesn’t work. It is always better to have some “real” ways of contact.

4. Make yourself a graduation gift. You have truly deserved it. It does not have to be something glamorous and extra expensive. It can be anything from a photo frame to visit to a church, but the point is it must be memorable.

5. Find time to thank people who made a difference in your life and supported you during all those years: your coursemates, family members and professors. You may not get a chance to see them for the next couple of years, so let them know how much you appreciate their help now.

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