College student homesickness is quite a common occurrence. Some students might not admit it, but 90% of them feel anxious, lonely, and depressed during the first few months at college. Those who experience homesickness should remember that it is a totally okay and normal state and it will not last forever. With the following advice it will be easier for you to combat homesickness in college.

How to Combat Homesickness

  • Have patience

Going to college is a serious undertaking. You live in another city or maybe even in another country, you have a lot of new responsibilities and must live a completely new lifestyle. Nobody said it’s going to be easy. However, you can cope with it. Be patient – getting used to a new environment takes time.

  • Stay in regular contact with your family

Call them, sent email and talk on Skype. You will feel much better when you talk to them about your worries plus your family will know you love and miss them. However, do not overdo it – long everyday conversations will only aggravate the situation.

  • Visit home

This does not mean you should come there every weekend. Go only when you really crave the friendly home atmosphere and love and care of your family and friends.

  • Get to meet new people

Remember that there is much more to college life than just lectures, seminars, and exams. Get outside and make the most of it. Participating in sports, student clubs, volunteering, or just meeting up with your coursemates in the quad or dining hall are great ways to relax and form new strong relationships with people. Some of those you meet in your college will become your lifetime friends.

  • Seek professional assistance when needed

If you feel you cannot cope with homesickness, consult a psychologist or go to your college counseling center. Do not ignore this problem, otherwise it may lead to depression and adversely affect your academic performance and social life.

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