So you are finally having a date with your crush. And of course, you want it to be nice, fun and memorable, but at the same time you cannot afford to spend a fortune on it. However, a nice date does not necessarily imply a night out at a glamorous restaurant. A great and inexpensive date only requires a bit of thought and creativity.

Consider these date ideas from

  1. Go to an event organized by your local community that you both will enjoy. It can be an open air concert in a public park, an exhibition of the local photographers’ works, or a presentation of a new book by an author you like. You will learn more about each other’s interest and have fun.
  2. Get outside. A perfect idea would be a bike ride in the countryside (do not forget to take some sandwiches, crackers, and water to have a snack). But even a walk in the park will do. Just get away from the campus and enjoy your time together.
  3. Another original date idea is visiting a drive-in movie theater – provided that your date or you own a car. You can even bring pillows to make the car more comfortable. It is a great alternative to the usual movies.
  4. Instead of a chic restaurant, choose a small and cozy cafe. The atmosphere there is much more pleasant and friendly, and you will most probably enjoy the evening without spending a ridiculous amount of money.
  5. Find out about discount days in a zoo nearby. Look at the exotic animals, feed them, take photos. You will like it even more if you invite some other couples.
  6. Try cooking together. Find out about each other’s favorite dishes and cook them. It does not really matter if you’ll get a delicious meal or end up with a messy kitchen and ordering pizza. The point is you will definitely enjoy the process.
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