Additional Services for Large Orders (over 20 pages)

Progressive Delivery

Usually, large orders are classified as those that are 20 or more pages long or perhaps over ten pages when single line spacing is used (obviously double-spacing can double the number of pages i.e. increase a document of 10+ pages to 20+ pages). In these situations, progressive delivery makes the order more manageable and it is one of the special services offered by

Advantages of Having Assignments Delivered in Sections:

Save extra 10% on each and every order by receiving 300 words/page instead of 275 words/page offered by most of the essay writing websites.

  • Makes orders manageable – this method takes the difficulty out of tracking and monitoring orders. Also allows the receiver an adequate amount of time to review each section – they may immediately approve or they may think amendments are required – before the deadline their tutor has given arrives.
  • Customer will get the best possible assistance – excellent writers to craft their papers and conscientious editors to check and remove errors.
  • An extended period – as long as 30 days – to get papers corrected/adjusted free-of-charge. While free revisions are something offers with every order, a limit of 2 days applies where standard delivery is concerned).
  • Your order is passed to a supervisor to personally manage it through its lifecycle. This supervisor will ensure you have the facilities to liaise effectively with your writer and that your order is completed to a standard that equals or exceeds your expectations.

What process/method do we use for delivering orders?*:

The following are examples of how orders are completed and delivered when certain completion timeframes/deadlines have been agreed with the customer:

  • Timeframe agreed for completing an order equals 4 days or less: When this timeframe gets to 50% completed time, will send the customer 25% (Section One) of their assignment. Assume, therefore, that the customer asks to write 20 pages of content in 2 days. If this is the case, the customer should receive Section One comprised of 5 pages when 1 day of the completion time elapses.
  • Timeframe agreed for completing an order equals 5 to 11 days: When this timeframe gets to 25% completed time, will send the customer 25% (Section One) of their assignment and when it gets to 50% completed time, will send the customer 50% (Section Two) of their assignment.
  • Timeframe agreed for completing an order equals 12 days (or a number of days greater than 12): When this timeframe gets to 25% completed time, will send the customer 25% (Section One) of their assignment. When it gets to 50% completed time, will send the customer 50% (Section Two) of their assignment. And when it gets to 75% completed time, will send the customer 75% (Section Three) of their assignment. does charge an additional but reasonable fee for this, which is +15% – Add this amount to regular order price.

* Our friendly and helpful representatives will always help the customer if they have other requirements or want their papers delivered in another way i.e. this may mean developing individualized plans to meet the needs of a particular customer. In these cases, the customer and the manager overseeing their order will work together to come to a mutually satisfactory solution.  

Additional Services for Shorter Orders (less than 20 Pages):


Customers are welcome to request summaries of their paper from These can be especially useful where someone is to provide their tutor with progress reports at varying stages of a project. The summaries we offer are 1-page long and their purpose is to let the reader quickly see what the paper contains i.e. its most critical points/ideas/information.


Our company will send you drafts of a “work in progress” paper if this is something you need or would like. You can have these as a) a 600-word document in single line spacing or b) a 300-word document in double spacing. However, we cannot provide these until half the agreed completion time (50%) is expired. So, if we have agreed 2 days completion time, we can send your draft when 1 day of this time has expired.

Extended Revision values its customers and we therefore undertake to revise any papers we provide to them – free-of-charge – for 2 days following us delivering their order. Customers have the option, however, of extending this time if they wish, which would give them 14 days (rather than 48 hours) to get their papers amended/revised.

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