Modern life requires perfect timing. When you don’t complete unending list of tasks in time, you fail. That’s why thousands of people seek the way to be more productive. They search different techniques how to do more work or methods of overcoming procrastination (one of the favorites) and so on. A successful entrepreneur from Nashville, Rory Vaden, offers you 5 simple principles of increasing your productivity. Don’t waste your time on hundreds of lists; check out these short five statements.

Make a productive day 


Exclude all extra tasks that steal your time and strength. When given an offer to do the extra job, think if you operate enough time. Don’t be afraid to refuse the deal.


The epoch of computer technologies helps you work effectively without distraction on minor tasks. Dedicate some time today to set up a system that works instead of you in the future, e.g. automated bill-paying, payroll system, customer management tools save a plenty of time.


This one is probably the hardest. A productivity guru is a person who has mastered a skill to trust someone a part of work. It is a very advantageous compromise: you win a lot of time, and you lose a little quality. Invest your time to instruct an assistant and things will go much faster.

4.Procrastinate on purpose

Prioritize your to-do list. Single out tasks that must be done today or this week. You have permission not to complete the rest of the assignments in the list. Remember, multitasking just adds stress to your day.

5.Protect your focus

The core of the productivity is an emotional state. Make time for work and make time for relations. Often, you are distracted by guilt – not responding to personal emails, “do not disturb” label on the door, etc. While working, you should manage that feeling. As soon as you finish all important tasks, you can pay attention to relations.

Use these 5 steps and increase your productivity!

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