Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying English

English is one of the most spread languages throughout the world. Therefore, there are many advantages for people who decided to study English, despite the fact that this process is rather challenging. Nonetheless, the knowledge of English is worth all the efforts because of the opportunities it provides.

Study English for Travel

Every person that wants to travel knows that the ability to speak English is always a great advantage. Regardless which country you are visiting, you are very likely to find people who speak English there. Knowledge of this language will help any traveler to get along in any country.

Study English for Academia

If you want to study abroad, knowledge of English is a must. The best universities in the world are English-speaking, and many works are published in English. Any person that wants to study in some western university should definitely learn English and be fluent in it.

The Process of Learning English for Communication

Knowledge of English gives access to English-written material online. If you do not know English, you will not be able to communicate with English-speaking people via the Internet. Any English learner has an access to the unlimited resources and communication. For example, if you speak English, you can visit various educational websites like .

It Is Difficult To Learn English

The main obstacle in the English learning process is the fact that it is difficult to learn. Spelling and reading rules of the language are complicated and demand a lot of memorization. There are words that sound the same but are spelled differently, and it is very confusing. Almost each English word has various shades of its meaning and it is hard to remember all of them. Therefore, the study of English requires much dedication and determination, but it is surely worth it!

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