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Advice for Conquering the MUET Exam

MUET(The Malaysian University English Test) is an English language proficiency test that all secondary school students must take if they want to gain admission to a public or private university in the country. It can also be used when applying to universities in Singapore, Hong Hong, Japan and even the UK. Civil servants in the country such as law enforcement, teachers and government administrators must also take MUET.

Much like IELTS, MUET contains for sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. On the other hand, unlike the IELTS, some sections of MUET are weighed more heavily. For example, the reading section contains 120 or 40% of the exam's total points. Meanwhile, the Listening and Speaking portions contain 45 points and the Writing section is worth 90 points. The maximum number of points you can score is 300.

Based on their respective areas of specialization, the various Malaysian universities require minimum score thresholds in order to gain admittance. For most of them, a score between 140 - 179 will be good enough, but students who plan to enter law, medicine or English-language academic programs will need to score at least 180.

Obtaining a high score won't be easy, but if you follow the advice in this article, there is no reason why you can't succeed. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with the exam's structure and take practice tests.

7 Recommendations to Consider

  1. Reading.If you want to get a good score, it is essential that you do a lot of reading. For newspapers, choose reliable resources such as The New York Times and The Times of London. Magazines such as Time, Newsweek, and The Economist will also be useful. Reading contemporary books can also help you improve your vocabulary and modern English abilities. In some cases, it can be helpful to read the book in your native language and then read it again in English.
  2. Listening.Thanks to the Internet, the listening possibilities are endless. Search for podcasts based on your areas of interest. YouTube videos also provide great sources of listening material. When you watch movies, try to do so without the subtitles. As you are listening, jot down notes on a notepad, including a summary of what you just heard. Also focus on unfamiliar words that you can look up later.
  3. Speaking.Keep in mind that as you are taking the test, you will be required to speak with three other students! So you might as well make it a daily habit starting now. Practice with peers or other people in your community who speak English well. If you would like to improve your accent and grammar, you can also get in touch with native English speakers via websites like Inter Pals. If you feel like you have barriers to speaking English, the only way you will overcome them is to keep trying! Do not worry if you make mistakes since this is part of the learning process. At some point, you will gain more and more confidence and your speaking abilities will become more articulate and smooth. In fact, speaking English will eventually become like second nature. But it really does require you to make speaking English a part of your lifestyle, not just something you do every once in a while.
  4. Writing.Your best option for improving your writing skills is to look at previous MUET exams. It also might not hurt to use PTE and TOEFL practice exams. By writing a lot, you will be able to organize and express your thoughts better. Once you have written an essay, ask somebody to look it over and provide feedback.
  5. Reading Comprehension Skills.As we've noted, the reading component contains the most points, which means if you fare poorly on this section, you are not going to get a good enough score to qualify for university. While this section is multiple choice, do not let this fact deceive you. You could find that more than one option looks acceptable, but you would still need to choose the one that is the better answer. Before reading the passages, read the questions first. Then go back and answer each question as you are reading. Reading magazines and newspapers and then summarizing the content is a good way to practice.
  6. Mind Your Malaysian English (Manglish Expressions).While Malaysian English is perfectly fine between compatriots, when you are taking a test that measures your English proficiency, you will need to focus on Standard English, whether it is American or British. This is especially important since the examiner who you will be interacting with will be an American or Briton who does not understand Manglish and its quirky colloquialisms.
  7. For The MUET Writing Component, Focus on Grammar and Syntax.While studying for the writing section, you might feel tempted to impress the test grader by using fancy terminology, but will likely backfire if you are unable to use it in the proper context or especially if you place it awkwardly into a sentence. While you certain need to expand your vocabulary and incorporate synonyms, you are better off concentrating on proper grammar and sentence construction rather than throwing in pretentious words.

We hope this advance helps. Ultimately, how well you do on the MUET depends on your level of motivation as well as your willingness to study hard. The exam was not designed to be easy, but if you prepare yourself right, you will do just fine.