Anything for a Tshirt (part 1)

Anything for a T-shirt is the story of Fred Lebow and the New York City Marathon which states the life of Fred Lebow in making this marathon one of the biggest event in the world by motivating and using different marketing techniques. Fred Lebow’s character has been shed light very effectively about the complex characteristics he had. His fight against the cancer has been stated as the masterpiece of struggle he has done for himself and the people who never realized how important it is to be in the running.

Fred started the marathon in 1970 when around 120 runners competed in the race and 55 finished the race with Fred getting the 45 place in the race. The conceiving part of this marathon is quite the major reason for its success. With the world turning into stress and people getting lazy day by day and the fitness of the man decreases indulged Fred to do this in order to mark victory for mankind which should not lose hope in anytime of his life. The marathon states the actual starting of an event that has many reasons far more than this. This marathon provided the event that causes people to work together in a team for the betterment of mankind. There are various other reasons that made Fred conceived this marathon. He himself has been running in various parts of the world in a gesture of being friendly. He was started to being recognized as a symbol of sportsmanship.

The life of Fred depicts the fact about the struggle of himself as well. This book has been written in the same time to recognize the role of Fred in making this marathon a giant.

The marathon in the start was simply a voluntary act as it didn’t offer any incentives to the runners. The position holders however, were given prizes. More importantly this marathon in the start was also not considered an appropriate act by the government because it caused the city to close down its various roads for no reason at all. The police didn’t allow the participants to enter the roads which were compulsory for the runners to run through always made the shifting in the roadmap all the times. This scenario was well caught by Fred when he decided to make a difference by his own campaign. He started to hype this marathon for being as an important act not only for the fitness but as an item which people can use for their own good in the time of crises to release frustration in them. He went to the New York Road Runner association for their help in making this a huge event. He went to the sponsors and offered them guaranteed marketing for their products as he always expected that his idea is unique and will caught eye of many people. In the search to make it big he also made various celebrities to pay frequent visits to the places where the marathon took place. Various sportsmen were available before the start of each marathon stating the importance of this event. All of this happened due to his personal interests and struggle. He never went down on anything at anytime describing his faith in his idea and because he believed that he was doing it for good and not for money and fame.

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