Anything for a Tshirt (part 2)

All these steps made the marathon to become big. The number of the runners increased year by year and people turned up for various reasons. Fred also stated the need of being fit when all the things happening around people don’t allow them to take some time for them. The prizes were increased and the money came from the New York Road Runners at first and then by the sponsors who deemed far more advertisement and consequently profits. Professional runners made their ways into the marathon and various record breaks started to happen which allowed competition between the professionals as well. Amateurs were always there for their personal pleasure. The marathon roadmap also extended by the support of the government and the traffic was stopped at many roads where the runners had to run.

Ron Rubin has been very close to Fred all his life when he first started this venture of the Marathon race. Ron critically shed light on the determination and motivation Fred had for the Marathon race. According to Ron, he and Fred always had reasons of discomfort. Fred wanted him to be on his side all the times but there were always some disputes present on the approach of Fred towards the race. Ron states that Fred went straight at those issues which required finances. He was not shy to currently visit the government and the sponsors for their support in arranging the Marathon. Fred always acted as a catalyst in his approach. When he had made a decision he wanted all of them to follow that decision all the times no matter what could happen. Fred had hired a team of eight employees which were paid by the New York Runner Club in the expense of the betterment of the running facilities and again Fred wanted most. During all the course of time, the Marathon also acted as a political foreground where the current management always took the Marathon for their benefits. Fred was not worried about how Marathon was approached by different people unless he gained what he wanted for foot racing.

According to Ron, Fred was the man of character and strength. He stated this fact because after Fred found out that he had brain cancer, he never gave up his idea of running and arranging marathon. This was his biggest belief that no matter what happens every person has to die and he will do what he has to do before he die. This issue also made headlines sometimes where people started to saw him as a hero for them. His endless struggle was never to put down no matter what happened on the other. His eloquent way of discussing things and making those things to happen made the reality all the times.

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