Anything for a Tshirt (part 3)

There have been some strategies also used by Fred to make this idea successful. He, however, never used his brain cancer as a marketing source but it was used somehow. He designed a mass marketing strategy where he wanted the banners and play cards to hang all around the central park which was the start of the Marathon. The New York Road Runner committee sometimes viewed Fred as a stubborn person in order to make his demands met at any cost but the committee always did so because they thought it was better for the people and consequently for the society. He started to use his motto as well which stated “Anything for a T-shirt”. This logo defined new boundaries for people where they were motivated to earn that shirt at any cost to make them realize that they have been a part of something very special. Something that will make them feel proud that they have been a part of a Marathon and most importantly they have done something for their own success.

Fred was successful in creating an image as well. He continually got part in the marathons all around the world. He was started to be considered as an icon lately in 1980s which helped him to gain more and more runners all the times. Moreover, when people saw his struggle being a cancer patient they admired him very much as well. This whole situation was very welcoming for Fred in the coming years. Due to his struggle the number of the runners went across 35000 and the number of spectators increased from time to time to thousands. The government recognized this as an event better for the New York City and for its people and gave full support. The roads were closed during the event and the running area started to include five suburbs of New York City making it as the biggest running event of the world.

Fred ran in nearly all the races and finished most of them. He was such a source of inspiration that caused thousands of people to run just to feel good for them. Later speculations in the marathon included people of wheel chairs as well so that they should also feel themselves as the part of normal people. Fred died in 1992 due to the severity of the brain cancer. His sculpture was placed in New York City to give him tribute to what he has done for the people of New York City and the world.

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