Are you tired of your midterm exams? Moreover, those finals are ahead…..! Poor you! It is difficult not to moan and fall into depression. Anyway, it is important to perceive facts in perspective. The things that are obvious to you may be a real gift of fate to another person. So learn to cherish the fact that:

• You have a possibility to live.

• You can observe the sunrise and the sunset.

• You can hear the birds singing.

• You have the possibility to operate your body.

• You know the sweetness of a chocolate bar.

• Yesterday you had something to eat for dinner.

• You wake up every day with a roof over your head.

• You choose what clothes to put on.

• Nobody have threatened to kill you today.

• You have overcome some difficulties and have got priceless experience for the future.

• You dream about your future career, a family, your next steps, etc. That means that you have passion, drive, ambition and freedom to live your life the way you want.

• Your country protects human rights as well as civil liberties.

• You are strong and relatively healthy.

• You have friends and relatives who miss you and can’t wait to see you again.

• You have good memories from the past and the person to remind you of those old days.

• You have the possibility to drink clean water.

• You can get medical treatment if you fall ill.

• You have Internet.

• You are taught how to read.

• You have to help you with your studying so you have more free time to enjoy life.

As you see, you are in a far better position than many people on Earth, so do not forget to appreciate the things you possess.

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