We at SuperbEssay.com are overwhelmed with positive response from students studying in schools, colleges, and universities. Every day, our custom term paper writing service is getting huge order from new customers while the cliental base of regular customers is stable. There is a solid reason behind it. We do not give importance to earning more profit but we do pay more attention towards expanding our customer base. That is spontaneous. We give importance to the priorities of students who come to our custom term paper writing service for assistance sometimes with SOS.

We have conducted a research and found out what most of the students want from us. These are as under in order of preference and priority:

Complete confidentiality

Students are fully aware that the assignments are given to appraise their caliber. Their teacher wants originality. Moreover, fellow students become envious when they find their compatriot has surpassed them in presentation. Students, who place order with custom term paper writing service, have an inner desire to show their excellence to their colleagues. Therefore, they most of the times take assistance in preparing their assignment. They either take partial help to improve their own attempt or they buy a complete term paper from custom term paper writing service. In all the cases, they are very serious about confidentiality. Any leakage of such assistance shall make them an object of laughter among fellow class mates. It will boomerang upon them in the form of bad grades or possible rustication.

SuperbEssay.com has a very stringent confidentiality policy. NO one, even the student who has ordered the paper could get any information if he is unable to tell his password which is in the form of an ID number. Even the staff and the writer at our custom term paper writing service will know a customer by his ID number. Once, the order is delivered the same is erased from the memory of our computer with the permission from the ordering student.


Originality in matters of writing assignment means that the paper has been written in the own words of the students after collecting relevant information with proper referencing. Originality also means that all instruction with certain special advises given by the teacher has been incorporated in the assignment. Originality also means that the writing imbeds the idea and vision of the student concerned. Originality is antonym of plagiarism. There must not be any play of plagiarism in the writing.

Our custom term paper writing service is reputed for writing quality original papers from scratch imbibing every instruction given by the teachers and communicated to us by the students. If the student has given his own idea or vision then the same is allowed to flow with the text of the written paper so that the completed paper looks like a paper written excellently by the student himself. Finally, our plagiarism detector software is one of the most advanced software. We check each sheet individually and attach an anti-plagiarism certificate with the completed order.

Communication Uninterrupted & Unlimited

After placing an order for written paper on a custom term paper writing service, the student is restless every minute of the day about the progress. He also wants to know that the paper is being written according to his liking and given instructions. He may get up at midnight to ask the custom term paper writing service about the progress or to give some further views on the paper.

We have at our custom term paper writing service round the clock customer support to enable you free and fast communication with us. Here, you can also have discussions with the writer assigned with your order. The response is quick and very friendly. You will feel quite at home with the person working at the customer support desk.

Affordable Price

Our pricing policy is very flexible. If the level demanded is of school grade; if the deadline is comfortable; if the topic requires less research; if you are a regular customer; and if you have recommended somebody to our site, then you are eligible for great discounts. We have one of the most updated archives of pre-written papers that are original and plagiarism free. If you order for these papers then you will get them at cheaper rates. Many students buy pre-written papers and modify the same a little to suit their specific requirement.

We at SuperbEssay.com custom term paper writing service have become immensely popular among students from every corner of the globe especially among UK and USA students because we are here to assist them and not to exploit desperate students when they are in dire need of assistance in completing their assignments.

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