You can order an essay or any other type of writing from and relax, knowing that the true pros will have you “covered!”  Quite simply, we know what works and how academic pieces can be constructed successfully and quickly, if the “right” people are found and employed. provides only custom-written academic writing products for its customers, an activity that is not practiced by the majority of writing services advertising their so-called professional writing. When you order an essay from these others, however, you will soon realize that their work is anything but “professional.” You may have been happy going into the process, considering that they often charge so little, but you will be sorely disappointed with the results. In essence, these companies are based in foreign countries, and you will see this clearly is you study the writing of their own sites!

Because they are interested in making money only, they will not spend your money employing a truly professional writer. They will, instead, employ some poor student in their own country who will work for very little. He or she will comb databases of publicly-accessed databases, finding a few essays or papers that relate to your topic, cut and past sections of them together, and you get a disjointed piece that makes no sense. Even worse, they may attempt to write parts of it themselves, and the result is disastrous!

If you make the wise choice to order an essay from, your experience is completely different and fully successful. There are several reasons for this successful experience, and they are the things that set us apart in the entire academic writing business.

The writers

We have located the finest academicians to be found anywhere. These sincere and passionate individuals love their subjects, and they love to write about them. So, when a student decides to order an essay in their topic field, they assume the task with relish and pride in their own performance. As true professionals, they would never consider creating an inferior product, especially when a client has paid for a custom-written and soundly constructed piece. We have a writer for any possible topic, and each writer works only in his subject area and at the appropriate educational level of the client. Thus, a writer with a Bachelor’s degree will create essays, papers and other works for high school students. Undergraduate students will receive writer with Master’s degrees; graduate students will enjoy the expert services of Ph.D.’s in their specific topic fields. We take care in employing writers; we take care in assigning them correctly to orders.

The services

Our commitment to customer service is without question. When a student decides to order an essay, project, analysis, paper, topical research, editing, or any section of a work, we immediately put in place the full range of services available to all clients. Each student is given a secure account through which s/he communicates with the assigned writer. Here, there is the ability to check progress, to provide clarifications and upload documents, and to respond to questions the writer may have. In addition to the private account, any customer has access to our customer service staff, around the clock, every day of the year. This department exists expressly to discuss an order or a potential order, to provide pricing quotes, to resolve any issues and answer any questions.

The cost

Obviously, the price of academic works produced by is an important factor for a student who may be a bit stretched financially. We understand this, and we also understand that quality writing does not come for $10 a page. When top quality writers are employed and a customer service staff works 24 hours a day, total cost to clients will be more than that of cheap services. We also believe is fairness. A secondary student who needs a basic term paper written by a professional with a Bachelor’s degree will not pay as much as a Master’s thesis candidate who is receiving assistance from a Ph.D. on a very complicated work. As well, pricing will vary according to the deadline urgency. If a sophisticated piece of research writing must be completed quickly, more than one writer will be working on it, and the cost will be higher.

The guarantees

We steadfastly guarantee that every produce created by writers will be written from scratch, researched appropriately, and written in impeccable English. We have a staff of reviewers to ensure this, as they check each work for soundness and scan it for plagiarism. We also guarantee complete confidentiality for every customer and a fully secure payment method.

When you consider all of your options to order an essay, tread carefully. Choosing seems like a “no brainer!”

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