University and graduate level programs are challenging at best and, for the most part, grueling. Instructors and professors, moreover, are not particularly forgiving when their students miss deadlines or produce academic writing works that are mediocre. Expectations for writing skills are quite high, along with the demand that students engage in authentic research as they construct original research papers. For this reason, many students turn to paper writing services for help when their “backs are against the wall” and they realize that they have urgent needs.

Requiring assistance with writing is nothing about which a student should feel ashamed. The use of ghostwriters has always been a common practice, although finding them could be a challenge. Today, however, an Internet search will fill pages of paper writing services, ready and willing to take your money and write essays, papers, reports, reviews, and any other assigned writing projects. The cautionary advice is this – most paper writing services engage in fraudulent practices by committing outright plagiarism or re-selling papers that have “been around the block” many times before. It is difficult to know which paper writing services are reliable, because they all promise the same things and boast about their quality.

Advantages of our company

At, we like to boast as well, not because we are like the others, but because we actually deliver what we promise and support our promises with money-back guarantees. Several other factors set us apart from most all paper writing services, among them the following:

  1. We employ only writers with graduate degrees from accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. and UK. We verify their credentials and assign them specific works to create for our review before they are allowed to write for any client. Their portfolios are thoroughly checked for plagiarism, and they must sign a binding agreement that they will produce only original works for our customers.
  2. We match each customer’s order with the correct writer – one who possesses a degree in the specific topic area of the ordered work. Orders are carefully analyzed before being assigned to a writer.
  3. We have a full administrative staff that works around the clock, available for inquiries and pricing quotes and willing to discuss any order with a potential customer. For existing customers, any issues, concerns or problems are addressed quickly and effectively.
  4. We insist that writers open lines of communication with their clients and provide constant updates of their progress. Further, at any time, a customer may contact his or her writer, to clarify specifications, to ask about progress, and to upload any additional documents that may be necessary to fulfill the order successfully.
  5. We maintain a staff of professional editors whose role it is to review every piece of writing completed, to review it for soundness, structure and grammar and to run a plagiarism scan, so that our guarantee of originality is never in question.
  6. We do not subscribe to a standard price-per-page as do most other paper writing services. Our pricing is based upon each individual order, because there are so many variables within each order.  A key to the quality of paper writing services, indeed, is their flexibility of pricing!

If you are looking for a cheap easy “fix” to your writing assignment, is not for you. If, however, you are seeking true quality and a good grade, we are the singularly best online writing service.

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