When students pay for essays, they expect a writing service that creates quality essays and papers that meet their needs and adhere to the instructions they give. They expect to pay for essays from a service that provides original works, not re-used and previously-sold products.

When an academic writing agency claims that it creates quality essays, it should employ fully qualified writers who produce works for its clients that will be academically-sound and worthy of good grades from instructors and professors.

At SuperbEssay.com, we understand the reticence of students to pay for essays from unknown sources. Their fears, in fact, are justified, because most of the essay and paper writing services are scams. While each states that it creates quality essays, it does not truly do this. Most of these services employ students in foreign countries to comb through databases of existing essays and papers and to cut and past parts of related works together to deliver to a customer. Unfortunately, their English is bad, their comprehension of what they read is bad, and the customer winds up with a terrible piece that cannot be submitted.

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When you arrive at the website of SuperbEssay.com, however, things will look different! Here, when you pay for essays, research papers, project proposals, speeches and presentations, book reviews, admissions and scholarship essays, a thesis or dissertation, you will be paying for a service that creates quality essays and such each and every time. As you study our website, please note that we use formal, proper English – the type of English that teachers and professors expect. Note that we assign a single writer to each project and that the client communicates with that writer as his or her piece is produced. Note that we guarantee the following:

  • Originality – when you pay for essays and papers from SuperbEssay.com, you will receive a free software report, guaranteeing that your work has been scanned for plagiarism and is “clean.”
  • Each writer creates quality essays and papers that conform exactly to the customer order, including all requirements and specifications, such as length, depth, types of resources, style, and citation format of resources
  • Every customer is assured of complete privacy. They are identified in our system by a number, not a name, and only the administrator has personal information. Further, a completely secure payment method is in place.
  • We provide 24-hour customer service, as well as direct communication with one’s single assigned writer. Any client has several ways to contact us at any time, even via live chat.

When you compare other writing services with SuperbEssay.com, the differences will be evident, even glaring. We may not be the cheapest, but we are certainly the very best!

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