Writing a 5-page paper can be challenging but writing a 15-page paper is also boring. Whether you are on a mid-way through with your paper or just about to start and wonder how to write a 15 page paper, check out the guide below to make sure that it turns out to be just awesome!

How to Write 15-Page Paper

  1. Acknowledge the volume of work you must do

Realizing you have a problem is the first step on the way to solving it. If you are yet to start with completing the task, read the requirements first. How many words are 15 pages double spaced? Normally, one page is 300 words, so the final paper should be 4,500 words but it’s better to check the requirements because your tutor might have other preferences. Apart from that, the requirements contain valuable tips on the organization of your paper. It’s crucial that you follow them because this will be among the decisive factors to influence your final grade.

  1. Choose a topic

If the tutor provided the topic, you can go to step 3 right away. However, if you have to choose the topic yourself, approach this task cautiously. In fact, the answer to the question “How long does it take to write a 15 page paper?” depends on how much you like your topic. In addition, the writing process will be easier if there is voluminous literature on your topic.

  1. Break the task into manageable pieces

Writing 15 pages in one sitting is not manageable so it’s likely that you will be procrastinating. On the contrary, a necessity to write your paper piece by piece will not seem so daunting. Personally, I like to start by creating an outline and determining the sub-topics for each paragraph. Then, I can start early and complete only several paragraphs each day. Voila! Writing such a long paper is no longer turmoil, is it?

  1. Just write it

Finally, you can get down to actually writing your paper. However, you do not necessarily have to start with the introduction or even with the first body paragraph! Now when you have created the outline, you can begin the paper even in the middle. With a detailed plan to follow, the structure of your paper will not be compromised.

  1. Remember to cite

You simply cannot write your paper without references but inserting all of them manually requires much time an effort. That is why I prefer using EasyBib to create references and then automatically adding citations using MS Word tools.

  1. Take a break

Even if you are short of time and have to write the paper fast, you still have to give your brain some rest. Be sure to take small breaks after every two to five paragraphs to recharge your batteries. Alternatively, you could make pauses after every 300 words now that you know how many words in a 15 pages paper.

Finally, remember to revise and proofread the paper. It’s better to do it on a day after completion when your brain is rested and can notice mistakes.

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