Perhaps exams are the worst thing that has ever been invented, however, there is a bunch of ways to pass them (relatively) flawless. Quite often people give really horrible exam study tips, and you must be wise enough not to listen to them.


At first sight, it seems to be a nice idea. You become more energetic, get rid of useless desire to sleep, and thus have more time. Too much caffeine may appear as a terrible advice and is surely not funny. Too much caffeine may result in health deterioration as well as spoil your sleeping scheme. Instead, try to manage without this widely spread drug – a bar of chocolate, a cup of tea, or even a big glass of water will provide necessary energy without any side effects.

Smart Drugs

A recent study by Live Science has proved that many American students take prescription drugs trying to boost their levels of attention and energy. Generally, these drugs are a treatment for people with ADHD or who have symptoms of narcolepsy. Despite a temporary effect on your focus abilities, their constant use may severely deteriorate your health condition. The most popular ones among students are Ritalin and Modafinil, which will soon cause irreparable damage to your health. Rather than harming your precious body, try doing physical exercises during your exam preparation to study more effectively.


Sometimes you can’t avoid it. However, working all night long before an exam may result in your future performance and even cause significant short-term changes in the white matter inside the brain. After such studying, the feeling of tiredness, inability to focus, and constant yawning will pursue you the whole next day. When you sleep, your brain processes, organizes and structures the information. Remember: no sleep – no efficient studying. A good way to learn off doing this useless waste of time is to observe the people, who do the all-nighter on a daily basis. Don’t take after them, get enough sleep, especially before your exams.


Sometimes the only way out of the situation is to cheat. Surely, in comparison to dull cramming, such a seductive cheating may seem like a great idea. However, this is only you, who you are cheating on. Do it constantly, and you can forget about decent knowledge, well-paid job, or carefree family life. Try to avoid cheating because it is better to fail one test than to fail all your studying in a college or university if you are caught.

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