Today more and more students become engaged in volunteering, and they are prompted to do so by various factors. If you have also decided to become a volunteer in a local hospital, orphanage, homeless shelter, or animal clinic, you probably want to know more about the benefits of volunteering.

We present some reasons why you should go for it:

  1. It is one of the ways to find employment soon after graduation. Volunteering involves improving the knowledge and skills you already have and gaining new knowledge and experience in various fields. If your CV contains information about volunteering experience, it is much more likely to draw attention of the hiring manager.
  2. You get to meet new people and make new friends. Volunteering communities give you an opportunity to find people who share your views and who can lend you a helping hand if need be.
  3. It is good both for your physical and mental health. Volunteering helps you to forget about everyday problems and focus on charity activities. This, in its turn, relieves stress and boosts immunity. It is a commonly known fact that positive emotions benefit your health.
  4. Volunteering broadens your outlook. You’ll discover new things about the place you live in, people you interact with and even about yourself. It may influence your career choice and make you understand what you really want to do with your life.
  5. It boosts your self-esteem. Volunteers who are involved in charities feel confident and determined to continue with their work. They know that their persistence will be rewarded and that they can make a difference.
  6. Finally, volunteering simply helps to make our planet a better place. Isn’t that a serious reason to join? People might say one person cannot change anything, but that is not true. Remember that every small deed counts. Even a slight effort can make the world warmer, kinder, and friendlier.
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