“Nontraditional” college students in the 21st century

This is what todays college students really look likeAlmost 40% of undergraduate students are over 25

Jocelyn Ramirez’s schedule serves a good illustration. In her early twenties, she is responsible for working at a nursing home, attending classes, and bringing up her own children. Jocelyn is one of many students in many colleges who are trying today to maintain a balance between all these duties.... >>

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Common Problems in Academic Writing

Common Problems in Academic WritingThe study is a complex process. Many learners face various difficulties every day. Here is a list of the most common problems students have with writing assignments.... >>

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Sources to Help You Improve Writing and Editing Skills

Improve Your Writing and Editing SkillsThe responsibilities of writers refer to more than mere writing. Before the actual writing stage, writers need to find sources, read, study, and analyze them, collect data, listen to some materials, prepare draft, and only after all this to start writing. Apart from writing skills, it is necessary for a good writer to possess editing skills as editing is an inseparable process of making a piece of writing as perfect as possible. If you are just learning how to write, the following resources will help you grow as a good writer.... >>

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Must-See College Campuses

Americas Most Beautiful College CampusesWhen asking students why they chose this or that college, you expect to hear reasons like ‘strong academic program’, ‘renowned professors’, and ‘good career prospects’. However, the reality is more down-to earth. In fact, Adam Gross, a well-known architect, says that most freshmen name two reasons: either financial benefits or a beautiful campus.... >>

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Ways to Stop Overthinking Everything

How to Stop Overthinking Everything Simple HabitsWe all have that disastrous sin which is called overthinking. This coward friend steals our joy and ability to live the lives we truly want to lead. Have you ever noticed how destructive overthinking is? But you do think too much even when it’s just the slightest problem, don’t you? I’d say everyone does that. It’s a very common thing, so don’t bother, relax, and read on because I do want to clear things up. Let’s face this ordeal and do our best to improve the situation.... >>

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20 Tips to Become a Successful Student

Valuable Tips for Successful Students--SbE-blog-300x225Many students wonder and ask themselves and more experienced fellow students how to be successful in college. And while the definition of success may vary for every person, we would like to remind you that there are general tips that can improve both the quality of your life and studying process. So here are our top 20 tips for a successful student!... >>

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How to Write a Research Paper Fast

ResearchingAt different stages of the educational path, students do not always receive direct instructions on how to find an appropriate research subject and make a nice paper out of it. Despite the fact that there are some tips, such an assignment remains to be a daunting task. It looks more like gathering some pieces of information every here and there rather than a complex and organized work on scientific material. Not aiming at some exact results, many student feel disoriented and puzzled. Consequently, they end up in dissatisfaction and with the lack of motivation.... >>

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Best Affordable Carry-On Luggage Rules for Your 2018 Travels

Carry-On Luggage RulesAs spring is pretty unpredictable this year (have you seen the weather in Chicago? It’s snowing!), it will be a wonderful idea to travel somewhere warm and cozy. So while packing your bags for the next getaway, keep in mind that rules in carry-on luggage world have been changed in 2018. Whether you are a frequent flyer or a first-time traveler, checking new luggage restrictions with your airlines is a must.... >>

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