Important Steps of Students’ Project

Students projectThe traditional education is nothing like it used to be 10, 50, or 100 years ago. We are now living in the world that is finally stepping away from the problem-solving approach and focusing on project-based learning. And while many schools still struggle with an understanding of what it all should look like, many professors tend to include students projects in the curriculum. So today, the team of superbessay.comhas prepared a step-by-step explanation how to set your project and where to begin.... >>

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What to Do If You Don’t Know What You Want?

7 Universal SkillsEvery human being is unique with his/her own worldview and perception of success and life at all. We are different for sure, but one thing is common – we all are striving for something in our lives. The point is what we are looking for and what the purpose of our lives is. When we start our exciting journey which is called adult life, we might be unsure about ourselves, our desires, and intentions. We might have already decided what our life will look like in the next years but we still doubt if we know what we really want from life.... >>

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The Castle Quiz: Find out More about Your Character

The castle... >>

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The US Most Influential First Ladies

First LadyWith the Presidents’ Day approaching, many online services began posting articles about presidents day history and movies, counting funny or interesting moments of their campaigns. However, we have never seen an article on first ladies devoted to the president’s day. And you know what they say: there is always a strong woman behind every successful man.... >>

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30 Fantastic Websites to Lose Yourself in

30 Fantastic WebsitesDo you feel at times that you have seen everything out there on the web? Even if you do, you need to remember that the Internet is incredibly vast. It is full of websites you have never even heard of. If you want to find cool ways to pass time on the web by choosing the sites that will never let you go, this article is for you.... >>

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Agile Based Learning: Useful Advice

Agile Based Learning AdviceGreeting! Welcome back to the blog of and today we are covering the second part of agile-based learning we began back in January (you can check it out here).... >>

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How To Get People To Like You

How to get people to Like YouA few weeks ago I found a great interview in Time with their guest, an expert on psychological profiling and FBI behavioral analyst. There many amazing things in the article and it is pretty long as well, so I’ve decided to sum it up for you and provide some comments about how this can be used in your academic career. We are not trying to teach you how to manipulate people in your life, but rather help you ease your networking and upgrade your social skills.
Before moving straight to 7 rules of making people like you, stop there for at least a moment and try to remember all those cases when you felt uncomfortable meeting new people. What was wrong with it? Did they make a good first impression? Did you engage them in the conversation? Please, do not be fooled by an idea that good people make a great first impression. It’s rather the opposite. Having analyzed a number of famous criminal cases, the researchers are more than sure that thieves, bastards and scums are those who make people like them at the first sight. So, here is a list of simple things that help you click with people and make conversations and relationships better. We will also make some comments on how each idea can contribute to your academic life.... >>

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Agile Based Learning

Agile Based Learning... >>

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