Environment economic of Canada (part 1)

When the average measured temperature of the Earth goes up that is exactly when Global Warming takes place. This occurs due to various reasons; one of the most significant is the green house effect. This paper will throw light upon Global Warming as a natural process and not from the perspective that the activities of human beings solely lead to Global Warming.

“Although factors other than climate may have intensified the severity of some of the events on the map, scientists predict such problems will increase if emissions of heat-trapping gases are not brought under control.” (Global Warming: Early Warning Signs, 24 March 2009)

There is no doubt that human beings are responsible for Global Warming, activities like burning the fossil fuels contribute the maximum towards Global warming but there is another side of the coin. When people talk about Global Warming the first thing which comes to their minds is the activities of the Human Beings, there is no denying that this is very right and understandable but the thing which takes a back seat when this whole issue is discussed is the occurrence of Global Warming due to the natural processes. One big factor which has contributed naturally towards Global Warming is the energy emitted by the Sun. This is very natural and no one can control this. It’s inevitable and very natural; Scientists believe that this has been one of the natural processes which have caused Global Warming. It is believed that its contribution has been very little. The heating and cooling of earth is a very natural process, the only problem is that the human activities are speeding up Global Warming; the activities are not causing it. There is a huge difference between speeding up an activity and causing the activity.

Methane is one of the most harmful gases present in the atmosphere, research goes to prove that over the past 10 years the level of Methane has constantly been on the rise and this is purely natural. No human activity is responsible for it. This is another factor which is contributing towards Global Warming. The presence of Carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere is undeniable and it is very natural, this is one of the biggest reasons for Global Warming. The infrared energy is emitted into the space naturally and this also contributes towards Global Warming. The concentrations of green house gases trap more infrared energy, the heat released results in warming the surface of the earth and this again is very natural and no human activity is responsible for it. The past generations did not have the luxury of automobiles which releases toxic gases and ultimately causes global warming but they still experienced Global warming. The melting of the Glaciers, increase in the sea level, ocean chemistry changes are just some of the instances which prove that Global warming was experienced by our earlier generations too. So this goes to prove that at that time human activities contributed very little to Global Warming but it still occurred, this is a good enough indication that it is a natural process which has to occur, the only problem is that the human activities have lately started contributing extensively towards this natural process. This should be slowed down by taking the suitable measures, it is high time that we realize how important it is to keep a balance and take preventive measures to have the right balance of the Earth’s temperature.

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