Bobs Meltdown (part 1)

The organizations problems appear to emerge from lack of knowledge management and information sharing within the organization. There is no team management; this is why Bob Dunn has viewed the agent of change as the main problem in the company. Bob Dunn has just feared change and is feeding his frustrations on the new recruitees who are to handle change. The company has had the old type style of management and they have not changed the old type of management where new approaches are adapted in trying to bring change into the organization. Change should be integral part of the business if the business has to grow into the future. Companies that expand reach a certain level of effectiveness and information needs to be shared in such a situation. The same is the case in this case where people have not embraced change which should go together with knowledge management.

Companies will always have a limit under which change will need to be implemented this company has reached its peak and what remains is the idea of collecting organizational knowledge and sharing it among employees. There is need for the company to know what employees know and the company means all the employees. World over knowledge has become a valuable asset and it must be accessible to all in the organization. Bobb Dunn, who appears to be related with one Robert Dunn because of similar names fears that the new employee implementing change was to put their jobs on the line. but in real sense knowledge is an idea that was born out of a desire to improve knowledge in the organization has not reached to this organization. In the words of Leidner (2001) knowledge is the information posed in the minds of individuals; it is personalized information, which is not new but unique, useful and accurate. It relates to the facts, procedures, concepts, interpretations, observations and judgments of the company. This is the route cause for this company.

Change must be implemented together with knowledge management in order to make this organization an admiration in the industry. by introducing knowledge management the company will emerge with higher and better quality products that will give it a competitive advantage. Information will be shared easily in the organization as information is an integral part of organizational growth.

Other factors that contributed to the meltdown in this organization included the inability of the organization to put in a programme that educates employees on the importance of change so that they will not resist changes because what is happening is resistance to change. And resistance to change is normal amongst individuals. Change needs to be explained to all and it appears that it was not actually explained. This is why their behavior was not witnessed. There is also a leadership crisis because the leadership did not take necessary steps to ensure change was acceptable before proposing its implementation in the organization. It is necessary for the leadership of organization to come up with structures that will assist in change management.

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