Bobs Meltdown (part 2)

Bobb’s predicament stems from the fact that there is change that is being implemented in the organization and it can be controlled by proper communication, education on change and strong leadership in the side of the management. Bobb will accept the verdict of change when he is put as among the stakeholders when implementing this change thing.

I think Jay is not capable of solving the issue in the long run leave alone in the short run he did not take a leadership action against Bob instead he has gone ahead to talk with Annette while Bobb has not been dealt with properly.

Areas of concern

Organisational structure shows the way leadership in organisation flows, from the top to the bottom. In concord machines the organisational structure is founded on divisional management structure. This kind of organisation structure allows the organisation to be divided in small management units depending on their functions which operates with some autonomy. Though, this kind of organisation structure allows the company to run its departments more effectively as it is easy to management smaller units separately than the whole organisation at ago. It is has communication problem and it is slow to respond to changes.


It has also been noted that there is poor communication within concord machines concord machines. Decisions are not well communicated downwards by the management. Communication is a very important tool in any set up. It is even more important in the business world. As supervisor noted, poor communication is caused by structural problem of an organisation. It has been observed that many communication short comings in concord machines result from poor structural planning of the employees by the management; such problems as delays in responding to issues raised by workers and confusion about the level of power in the organisation’s structure are common. The managers do not encourage informal communication and the formal lines of communications are such that getting response down rank is not easy

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