The Buckman laboratories had been noted as one of the pioneer organizations in the field of providing consumers with the needed products that they ought to have from the company such as leather, paint, sugar processing, agriculture, paint coatings and plastics; absolutely almost anything that has to do with chemical mixing and creating end products. The Buckman laboratories then started as an individual sole-based organization situated in Canada which later on branched out to Australia.

Buckman Laboratories: Providing Consumers

Through the years of service to the people, it has been the existing value of the company to continue gaining innovative understanding of their own field for the sake of creating further developments in the field of production of the company. Considerably, this thought brings about the possibility of intending the aim of the organization to reach out to other parts of the world as the company itself begins to spread its wings in the field of business expansion.

Recently, as the other organizations embrace the modern systems of commercialism, Buckman laboratories begins to accept bulk order and new end product requirements from clients that demanded their further attention to research and innovation in the field of product and production development. However, because of the costly process of sending expatriate Phd employees outside the country to meet face to face with other experts of the field the company administration tries to get into consideration another process of gaining knowledge and innovative procedures that they could adapt to simply to be able to meet the demands of their major customers.

The launching of the K’Netix branch of the business opened the doors to electronic based exchange of thoughts between the base researchers of the business and the outsourced personnel that came from different parts of the world. In a nutshell, this department served as a call-center-like status that aimed to have an open-message-posting system that created a fine exchange of understanding between the personnel involved in the process. Later on, opening the process to other outside environments who would like to know more about the business had been also given a good thought. Making a great impact on the process of operations that the business takes into consideration, it could be observed that this change also costs $7,500 per outsourced personnel per year which noted a considerable questioning on the part of the administrators if the process was actually timely considering that the present situation of finances of the company is down.

According to Bob Buckman, the CEO of the organization, this was one of the investments that cost something yet he believes would return a lot. To understand this claim further, a diagrammatic presentation shall be shown herein:

Diagram: Effects of Information Technology in the relationship between clients and business organizations

Diagram Analysis:

From the presentation made above, it could be observed that the reason behind the business entities joining the band wagon of taking advantage of the provisions of science and technology in the modern society is indeed worthwhile. As it could be seen, the five major effects that have been presented through the diagram actually directly affect the growth rate of the organizations in a modern society. This is indeed an attractive provision that IT could ever offer business entities.

Yes, investing on technology and the people is believed by Bob as a major key towards company progress for the Buckman laboratories; an assurance of future success for the company that brings about the possibility of further expanding the business without necessarily funding a lot more expense such as establishing new physical branches. Through the use of IT and the application it has on a virtual organizational connection between people working for the company around the world, the success based on the competencies of the new group of personnel could certainly be realized.

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