Expert Case Brief Writing: Challenge Accepted

Law students work with tons of information at home and in class, and it is essential for them to learn how to sort out and analyze the material, noting down only the most important details. That is why case brief writing is one of the most helpful practices in the learning process, as this type of assignment implies all the above-mentioned skills. Obviously, for students, this kind of assignment can seem useless; they often do not understand why case briefs are included in the program at all, as they hardly influence the final grades, but still consume countless hours of the learners’ time. Besides, taking into consideration the number of all the legal writing tasks they receive, case brief writing is often just too much to handle.

However, the importance of this type of writing becomes clear later, when the students start their professional career. Once the students are hired, suddenly it turns out that writing dozens of case briefs pays off: at work, the young lawyers know how to decompose and analyze every case quickly and effectively. Therefore, case brief writing is a step in preparation to future career, which shall not be overlooked.


So How to Write a Legal Brief?

What does it take to prepare a top-notch writing that did not miss out on any important information? What are the criteria of a perfectly done task that will help you in class and impress your instructor? In this article, we tried to collect the most helpful tips for those who have to deal with this challenge.

Preparing to Write Your Case Brief

Many students start to write a case brief after they read the given case carefully. However, it is much wiser to prepare to it in the process of reading the case. This means that, instead of simply reading the case, you need to work with it, analyzing main ideas, highlighting important arguments, making notes, etc. This may seem like a lot of extra work with the text, but it is definitely worth the result. Indeed, using this method, by the end of reading the case you will have the key information, which will just need to be arranged. In addition, before working with the text, it is advisory to check the available templates of case briefs in order to know what to pay attention to in the text you work with.

Get a free case brief example from us below

Case Brief example
Case Brief example
Case Brief example

Forming the Structure

The structure of this kind of writing task is quite universal and must contain certain points. In fact, there are many templates online that you can use while composing your case brief; alternatively, our outline given below might come in handy:

  • Rule of Law
  • Facts
  • Issue
  • Holding and Reasoning
  • Concurrence
  • Dissent
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Besides the existing templates, you should be guided by your professor’s requirements about the paper format and structure. Describing the procedure, noting down the laws you are referring to, and making additional research might be the specific instructions that you receive.

Choosing Proper Information

Once you have built up a general outline for your future paper, you need to complete it with the proper information. It is important to focus on the facts and avoid including the needless text. Thus, out of the whole case described in detail, you need to be sure to have the following points included in your case brief:

  • Main events
  • Legal issue
  • Laws involved
  • Reasoning of the majority
  • Concurrences and dissents related to the case

Working with large texts requires the skill of filtering out the most valuable facts. The major rule in sorting out the information to include in your work is making sure it is relevant and accurate. In addition, you should avoid detailed descriptions or long explanations: remember that the formulations must be clear and concise (hence the name of this assignment: the case has to be brief). If you take into consideration these main aspects, writing will become easier every time, and with experience, you will learn to make case briefs quickly and effectively.

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To sum up, writing case briefs is an important skill for your future career, so you need to learn the structure of this kind of paper and practice more. However, in case of emergencies, you can always use the help of qualified writers. Thus, it is up to you whether to write the assignment on your own or to order it from

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