Interview Essay Paper: from an Expert to a Student

It is usually both entertaining and informative to read through interviews in magazines, newspapers, and online media. An interview essay paper always implies that there are two persons involved in the process of creation: a person who answers the questions and a person who interviews. What is the main aim of a typical interview? Mostly, it is needed to get to know about a particular opinion or point of view that a person has. Interviews form the basis not only for the media publications, but also for academic assignments.

Interview Essay – What Is It?

An interview essay paper is an assignment with a focus on various perspectives on a particular subject or topic with the provided evidence given by the interviewed people.


First of all, choose the topic for writing an interview paper. It will make it possible for you to concentrate on the desired conclusions afterwards. If your instructor gives a specific topic for you to use, you have to stick to it and make the most out of the situation. You cannot expect that the mood and atmosphere of the interview will remain the same throughout the process. You are going to talk to a real person, and no one can be sure about how he or she will behave or react to what you say.

When you are ready to start on your interview in essay format, you should search for a person to interview. If you do the exploration of a scientific topic, try to get an expert in the relevant field to talk to. If your instructor asks you to prepare a narrative, you are free in your choice of an interviewee. Nevertheless, your interview essay will be much more interesting if you invite a bright personality with life experience and background that distinguish this personality among the others. Note that your relative will most probably be interested in your interview essay experience and will agree to assist. However, you can never be sure about the participation of a professional researcher or scientist. It may seem to be a waste of time for busy people, do not forget about this hazard.

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Information for Those Who Struggle with Interview Essays

Mind the following valuable aspects:

  • Interview idea
  • Questionnaire format
  • Format of your interview essay (question-answer, narrative, career, etc.)
  • Setting and date

Organization of the Interview Notes

Find a great interview essay example and see how the author managed to arrange the reasons and ideas logically.

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Try ordering the ideas according to the following principles:

  • from the least important to the most essential
  • from the positive to negative
  • from the negative to positive
  • from disagreement to agreement
  • from typical to extraordinary

How to Write an Interview Essay: Fundamental Rules

First of all, specify the key purpose of writing as it influences the choice of who and how will be interviewed.

  • In an interview essay format of a factual piece, select the interviewees with expertise in the field. Invite researchers if it goes about science.
  • If the format is an opinion essay, it is recommendable to interview people who have developed a strong opinion on the subject chosen.
  • In the essay with a narrow perspective, a few people are enough for an interview.
  • Our interview essay writing service can give a general consensus in the interview with those who have different expertise and credentials.
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Writing Interview Essays: Process

Specify the paper format. It may be identified by instructors or teachers; so, discuss everything with the professor and clarify all the issues. Have a look at a well-written interview essay sample and use the larger context for an interview. The key academic formats are the following:

Narrative. This format allows the author to paraphrase the information and use direct quotes. You can also additional context and analysis.
Conversational. You address the readers directly. It is one of the key formats for class tasks. You can use the first and second person.
Question-and-answer. Ask your questions and then place your responses. You can buy interview essay and see direct quotes along with the explanations. There can be a single interviewee in this format.

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Interview Paper Structure


Make your decision regarding the beginning of the interview essay paper and the final parts. It is important to make sure that the asked question is in the introduction. You have certain comments on the interview; so, you can ground your opening part on them. Another option is to present a particular situation that gave rise to your question. Your paper can deal with the opportunity to support homeless people; thus, it is possible to present a whole story or a new scenario. You can give details of what happens and justify your decision to either give money to a homeless person or refuse. It is also recommended to add statistical data, descriptions, and questions in the opening parts (description of the situation with the homeless in cities with statistics and key question of the interview). Furthermore, you can add interesting references to TV shows, movies, songs, quotes, or dictionary definitions.


Make an ordered list of reasons from the notes you have made. All used sources should be cited properly, summarized and paraphrased to avoid plagiarism issues. Besides, provide the analysis of reasons why conclusions are made and why the reasons are related.


It is the final part of your response with one or several paragraphs of the explanations regarding the validity of the opinions. Do not forget to mention if your point of view does not coincide with any of the opinions.

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