The Basics of Response Essay Writing

In our daily life, we often have to meet other people’s expectations regarding various aspects of our personal, professional, and academic activity and achievements. Although we all value our individuality and freedom of expression, meeting other people’s expectations and following well-established conventions are necessary for successful communication between people. What we are trying to say is that when working on a response essay, a student also has to follow certain rules. Whether you are writing a response essay after reading a book, watching a film, or attending a concert, you should not only adhere to the standards of academic writing but also try to meet the expectations of your instructor.

You can hone your writing skills by imitating responsive essay examples, reading explanation of what is a response essay, or finding a response essay writing service suach as where you can buy a response paper. So, we will help you understand which option is the best for you.

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If you receive a response essay assignment, you should first try to understand what this type of essays means. This is a creative writing task in which you have to share your opinion about a particular issue or topic. When writing an analytical response essay, you can use the 1st person pronoun ‘I’ but this does not mean that the paper should be based entirely on your viewpoint. Instead, you should back up your opinions with evidence.

Apart from including strong evidence to make an essay persuasive, students should meet the requirements to formatting and citation as well as to essay structure. In addition to that, students have to use the appropriate tone and style of writing. Although at this point you might think that you need response essay writing help, you should know that response essay assignments are considered among the easiest writing assignments students get. If you think of it, describing you reaction towards a video, book, or movie does not require much additional research and analysis. In general, your reaction paper has to present your thoughts and describe your experience of watching or reading something.

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Response Essay Structure Explained

Similar to other essays, all critical responses have something in common and follow similar requirements to structure and organization. The main goal of this paper is to respond to the assigned material in a formal way. This means that apart from knowing the subject matter, you should also be familiar with the topic in general and use relevant facts and data to support your point of view.

Response essay structure depends on the subject and topic you are going to discuss. We recommend reading some professionally written responsive essay examples before you start working on the paper of your own. Another aspect to pay attention to is paper format. Usually, the formatting style (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.) is specified in the instruction. If it is not, do not hesitate to ask the professor for clarifications. If they say you are free to choose, go for the format you are familiar with but do not forget to consult their online style guide to see if there were any updates recently. The rest of the requirements are not different from those to a typical essay.


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So, an ordinary response essay will have the following components:


In the first paragraph of your essay, you should present the background information, such as the name of the author (if you are writing about a book, article, etc.), the title of the work, and other relevant facts that will help you put the reader in the context. This is also the part of the essay where you should voice your own opinion for the first time. Typically, this is done in the thesis statement, which can appear either at the beginning or at the end of the introduction and can be one- or two-sentence long. It is also recommended to include supporting arguments.
The introduction should be short, informative, and interesting. Remember that this is a creative writing assignment, so amazing or even shocking facts that grab the reader’s attention are more than welcome here. If you have no idea how to start, read some good response essay sample.

Body paragraphs

In the body of the paper, explain your ideas in detail by using related facts, such as scientific evidence, documents of other experts, etc. However, avoid jumbled paragraphs by discussing only one idea in one paragraph.


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Repeat your idea in the last paragraph of the essay. This section should be the shortest (no more than 6 sentences). This paragraph serves as a reminder of your own impression of the film, book, or event you have analyzed.
Practical tip: Create an essay outline if you want your paper to be coherent and well structured.
Once you are done with essay writing, remember to proofread it. It is also recommended to ask someone else to have a look at your paper as there might be some mistakes, which you might not notice.

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