It may sound like Make Your Dreams Come True Day is a holiday when a wizard with a magic wand grants everyone’s wishes.
It would have been cool, but it is not how life works. Sure, it is about fulfilling one’s dreams, but if you want to have your dream come true, it is you who is responsible for that. So, what is the purpose of making a holiday out of it? Well, it is a dubious question, but one cannot deny the fact that it serves as an additional motivation for people to work on their dreams.

Who inspired the holiday?

Unlike many other holidays, this one does not have a particular day of celebration; neither is there a single person whom we should commemorate. We owe the holiday to those great people who followed their dreams against all odds. What would the world have been like if J.K. Rowling had given up after the publishing houses refused to publish her Harry Potter stories? What would have happened to our childhood if Walt Disney had come to terms with the accusations that he lacked imagination? There are dozens of such examples, which prove that we have to follow our dreams even if everyone else says it is impossible.

How to make a dream come true?

  1. Have realistic expectations. I know it sounds a bit contradictory to the point made above, yet it is what it is: you need to know the difference between the dreams you can fulfill and those that are unrealistic. For instance, you can totally get a million of dollars if you work hard, win a lottery, or rob a bank (though I wouldn’t recommend that), but it is highly unlikely that you will develop super powers similar to those of Spiderman’s.
  2. Make a plan. Let’s imagine that you crave for traveling and new experiences, but you can’t afford it now. It does not mean that you should abandon this idea. Just develop a plan on how to earn money and how much time it will take. Think of a date when you would like to set off and try to have everything ready by then.
  3. Be patient and persistent. Dreams do not come true overnight. If you really commit yourself to making them come true, it is bound to happen. Just do not give up half-way.
    Now think of your heart’s desire. Is it achievable? If yes, do your best to make your dream come true. Your happiness is in your own hands.
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