Choosing a Major

2As a college student, you should be aware of the fact that you have to complete a major in order to graduate. A major is the area of study that a student chooses to specialize in. It is perfectly understandable if you have no idea what you want to major in yet – most students change their mind twice or more during their studies. To make your choice easier, check out these suggestions on choosing a major from
The first step is considering your areas of interest. Take into account everything: work you enjoy doing, environment you feel comfortable in, your previous work experience (if any), your hobbies, your favorite subjects in high school, and even your music and movie preferences. The best way to succeed in any field is to genuinely like what you are doing.
Think about job opportunities you might get with this or that major, but do not prioritize this criterion. While it is true that choosing a right major can get you the desired job, choosing a right life path is much more important.
Try to objectively assess your academic strengths. You are much more likely to successfully complete your major if you are good at relevant subjects.
A good idea is talking to your peers who have already decided on their major. Find out what factors influenced their decision, and what their plans for future are. You may also ask your family and friends for advice – these are people that know you well, and they may be of great help!
Remember that even though you are not required to choose a major until your second year at college, you should not put it off till the last moment. After all, you want to get a degree as soon as possible, don’t you? If you keep postponing your decision, earning a degree will take more time than usual.

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