Starting college always mean starting a completely new life. Youngsters are usually looking forward to it; however, it often turns out they are not prepared for such a change. Students are not ready to face all the challenges related to studies, new financial and social responsibilities and even to the long-awaited freedom.

We present a list of things to know before going to college. Every college student-to-be should be aware of them.

Hopefully it will make the start of your college life easier

  1. First people you meet in college don’t necessarily become your best friends, and that’s normal. Getting to know people and forming close bonds with them takes time.
  2. Skipping every other class is not okay. College education is an investment into your future. How are you supposed to get that education if you don’t go to classes? Yes, it may be really hard to get up at 8 a.m. to make it to the lecture in time, but you should just remember this torture will pay off.
  3. You should try to form good relationship with your professors. It can prove to be surprisingly beneficial even if you are not a straight A student. Surely you want your professors to give you advice, to help with some complicated assignments and to write good recommendation letters?
  4. Participate in as many social events as you can – even if you are a freshman and don’t know anyone yet. Parties and meetings are great places to form new friendships and creating memories that will last for a lifetime.
  5. You should learn to cook and do laundry before you go to college. Remember your mom will not be around, so these skills will be super handy for every college student.
  6. You might not like the classes during the first semester. That’s no wonder since those general classes you have to take for the first semester are not exciting at all. But that’s not the end of the world. You will attend specialized classes and major-related ones soon (after you choose your major).
  7. It is possible to get high grades and have fun at the same time. Most freshmen think they have to choose between socializing and studying. And they are very much mistaken. To get the most out of your college career, you just have to learn some basic time management techniques.
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