Dream and fear. The former drives you, the latter gets in the way of the first one. One gives a ­reason for living and joy afterwards. Another tries to steal it. So, if you`re sick and tired of this obsessive, creepy bug called fear, you probably must have already asked yourself many times such a question: “How can I overcome this fear?” The answer is that you should work on your self-confidence and self-esteem or, better to say, chang your comprehension of those terms.Below, there are outlined hints that may help you to overcome the fear of failure, the most common one. These confidence boosters are not the absolute recipe for success, but they could become the good comrades on the way of pursuing your dreams.

Overcoming the fear of failure: Helpful tips

1. Do not think. The external pressure (criticism and disapproval of your dreams by other people) may derail you. Instead of shutting it out and trusting yourself, you subconsciously start to think about it and, thus, you agree with that hazy opinion. Do not think.

2. Self-esteem defined by the people is the illusion. Believe in it. If you let other people determine who you are, then you are enslaved. Nobody, except for you and God, has the right to define who you are. Neither have your failures and mistakes such a right.

3. Work on the self-image. We often do not realize its importance. Each person has a mental picture of himself/herself, and it determines how confident he/she is of himself/herself. Work on the self-image of yours. If it does not make you confident, change it.

5. Kill negative thoughts with positive ones. Your inner self-talk has to be positive. Do not ignore the negative thoughts. Be aware of them. When one part of you says, “It`s too hard to do this, it`s impossible,” grab it and kill immediately. Instead, say it calmly and with humour, ”Lie! I can make it!”

6. Do not believe in the strength of your fears. Fear itself is contemptible and helpless. Fear is the biggest liar. But when you believe it is a liar, it may devour you. Remind yourself constantly that fear is a liar. Hence, you can help your subconscious to overcome the fear of the failure.

7. Explore your greatness. Start believing this: everything I need to be great God has already given me. It`s inside of me. Just accept it as the reality.

8. Act! Now you have a proper mindset and the self-image. Stop thinking how you`re going to think. Act according to your mindset.

9. Life is the game. Accept it. Be reckless! Do not think too much about the consequences.

10. Seek help in the Highest Power. He is real. He is almighty. All belongs to Him. He is great. Surrender yourself to Him and He will lift you up. Take refuge in Him, and you will be the most confident person on the planet.

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