How to Write a Perfect Consideration Essay

Usually, the key to success in writing an academic essay is to make sure that it has an argument, which is being consistently proved throughout the paper. However, this is not the case when you are tasked to write a consideration essay. For this type of papers, a strong argument is simply not enough. There should be a story that can captivate attention of the audience. It should make a reader want to finish reading as soon as possible. Of course, not boredom should be the reason for such a desire but rather an interesting plot and intrigue about its development.

In the film Amistad, the reason for a story being needed is vividly explained. Theodore Joadson, an ardent abolitionist played by Morgan Freeman, attempts to convince John Quincy Adams, performed by Anthony Hopkins, of necessity to take the case of Amistad slaves. Trying to assess the case, Adams asks, “What is their story?” When Joadson does not understand the question, Adams explains that the successful outcome of the case is not possible if it is based merely on laws and facts. People behind it should have a story in order to appeal to the jury. In other words, people cannot relate to the facts. Therefore, a story is always necessary.

Luckily, if you have a good argument, it is not difficult to turn it into a story. All you need to do is to organize the ideas properly. There was a case when students had to write an essay about eating habits, which are prevalent in their families. Among a number of papers that looked more like the lists of what people eat, there was a single radically different essay. It was a story about a family moving to another country and trying to preserve its eating habits or, better to say, traditions. The student told about a conflict between generations, i.e., those who were not ready to accept changes and those who were tempted to plunge headlong into a new life. There is a strong argument about changes in eating habits being detrimental to family unity. The student managed well because understood that discussing any topic, there is always an opportunity to disclose a problem, explain conflict and its resolution, or, in other words, tell a story.

Surely, there are those who think that there is no room for stories in an academic setting since they are more appropriate for entertainment purposes, in belletristic writing, to make kids fall asleep, etc. If you are one of those who consider that stories no longer fit modern realities, only one word may convince you of the opposite, and it is “money.” Dollars, or any other currency, are, in fact, just the pieces of paper with some ink on it. Nevertheless, everyone believes in money being valuable simply because we have been told a story. Just a declaration made by a government called to attach value to something would never worked as it, for example, happened with the German mark after the World War I. It works with US dollars only because of the story. What is more, the world economics functions only because most people believe in one tale.

Another example of stories being omnipotent is the stock market. Many people assume that it operates only because it is based on mathematics and impeccable logic. However, it is nowhere near the truth. The stock market is fully dependent on stories about making money. Basically, someone presents a detailed description of an idea about a product or service and the way he/she is going to turn it into profit. The bright examples are Amazon, CRA, eBay, and PLUG that managed to compose a compelling story, thus attracting investors. The fact that these companies became so prosperous does not mean that they did much better than others do. It only implies that they are skillful storytellers. Moreover, stock market crashes once people stop believing that it works well. Then, with the help of another story, they are persuaded that everything is fine. As a result, the market works well again, and stock increases in value even though the numbers were the same a moment ago. v

Literary essays are also stories from a certain perspective. Their authors tell about reading or writing a book. The first approach is conspicuous in the works of Richard Rodriguez and Ralph Ellison. Reviewing Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, they both tell the story about own experience of perceiving the novel as well as associating and comparing themselves with main characters. They reveal their understanding of what Twain wrote assuming that someone else had the same thoughts. The second approach implies reading several texts of the same author in order to notice some patterns and parallels between different literary works. Once these commonalities are spotted, essay writers tell the story about the writing process. The authors of the texts under the analysis might not even know about the patterns and read the tales about themselves. In such a way, a literary essay may even become a session of psychoanalysis.

Stories are around us. They are the start and end of everything that happens. What is more, the life itself is a story. It is unavoidably present in everything, and if your consideration essay is an exception, a good grade is not likely to be obtained. Try to show that there is something more behind the text than just a desire to get an A.

Copyright and Sampling

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Why Do We Need Standards

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Illegal Immigrants: Victims or Criminals

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Drivers and Cellular Phones

I am a very keen observer of the different ways in which Americans drivers uses our publics and private roads, and from the study I have come to a conclusion that a greater  percentage of the accidents that are being reported are as a result of human error. In view of the fact accidents may ...

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TV dinners are frozen trays of precooked food. They are also referred to as frozen dinners, and they are packed automatically on a conveyor system. The concept of a TV dinner was made popular in the 1950s, and with the increasing use of microwave, frozen dinners are large parts of the grocery mar...

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Electronic Surveillance

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Considering Cultural Impacts on Nursing Care

Culture is an important aspect in all groups of people and their societies, which in essence impacts on the way nursing and health care services, should be provided. Different cultures have different perspectives on health care and nursing, which influences the nursing practices in given communit...

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Organizational Values

The true desire is to help others, without considering whether I am being seen by anyone or not. I prefer doing good things without recognition. If one realizes how much better this world appear if more individuals helped one another without expecting any reward, it is a lot easier to do good thi...

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Purdue University Education to Accomplish Professional and Personal Goals

Purdue University is a pioneer in computer science education and ever since its inception in 1962 the PU Department of Computer Sciences has been in the forefront of delivering courses matching the needs of computer technologies that have spawned across all spheres of human activities. The rapid...

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Hispanic American Diversity

There are several Hispanic groups living in the United States. They differ in the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions of statuses. For example, Mexican Americans do not possess any widespread economy. These people do not have their own entrepreneurships. ...

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Statement of Purpose

Acquiring a master degree is one of the major dreams for me as I have realized that graduation alone may not be sufficient enough for me to get a good profession. The immense popularity of Information Technology forced me to opt for Information Technology and Computing as major for my graduation...

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Can We Prove that God Exists

Many philosophers and scholars have pondered on this same question the existence of God and many others will keep asking the same question. It is not possible to scientifically prove the existence of God though there are many things in the universe that reveals that there exists a supernatural po...

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First thoughts

On reaching the scene and seeing what has happened, the first thought that would come to my mind is that the white powder was to be used as letter-bombs. I will think that the letter bomb was to be directed at the day care which was just adjacent. I would justify this tho...

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Judging Juveniles

A Juvenile may be referred to a young one who can’t be tried as an adult in the court of law. The age at which one is referred to an adult however differs with states but the maximum age mostly ranges form 15 to 18 years (Aaron, 2006). When a Juvenile is taken to the court with an offense,...

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The ASEAN yesterday, today, and in the future

Association of the organization of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was formed on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand were the founding fathers of ASEAN. Brunei Darussalam, Viet Nam, My...

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College completion requirements are that a student undertakes an internship. The internship provides an opportunity for applying theory and learned knowledge to the practical. The student undergoes weeks of implementing what they learnt in the relevant field. The choice of the internship depends...

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Personal Statement

I have always believed that with a clear vision and sound state of mind everything is possible if only resilience is applied. Having been born in Thailand 19 years ago, I had the privilege of studying in Singapore when I was in eighth grade which gave me the experience of learning in diverse env...

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HIV Management in America

Although it is a common perception that HIV management in America has achieved significant success due to various interventions by the health sector, there are some segments of the American population whose HIV infection statistics are approaching the ones in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Looking at...

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Working with Children

My experiences in life have taught me to be patient with children primarily because of the fact that everybody else was once a child and. Furthermore, different children come from different backgrounds and it is therefore important to treat each child uniquely. At one point in my life I was dati...

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Career Objectives

My name is Casey Wright. I am a senior at Argonaut high school in Jackson California. My hobby is horse riding. Horses have been one of my passions for a long time since my childhood. In the last four years, I have been in high school pursuing my career. I have been active in the FFA. At one poi...

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My Future Career

Becoming a successful doctor and touching on the lives of many people seems to be my main objective in life. The drive towards this course in life is derived from a number of factors that are worth mentioning at this point. First my past experience as a child spells clearly on the reasons why I w...

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Aspect of Subculture

Dear police officer,

I hereby write to you, to inform you about an aspect of subculture in the police force. The culture of police is usually explained as isolationist, authoritarians, and elitist. Police subculture entails a series of attitudes, values, and norms that are shared broadly...

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Healthcare Plan

The state of Georgia is one of the numerous states in the United States of America bordering the Atlantic Ocean invaded by the Spain around the year 1540. It was under colony for along time until when the Declaration for independence of the USA was signed leading to free governing of all the sta...

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MBA Essay

I am passionate about inspiring people and building long lasting business relationships with like-minded people. This is because I believe that an investment in people is the best and would take me in my next stage in business development. The greatest wealth on this earth is hidden in the heart...

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The Legal Environment

The expansion of a project in the aim of developing the business idea is a major aspect as it involves major adjustments. Considering that the company is focused on building oil reserves then there has to be many limitations when the company is willing to invest in other countries.  Due to ...

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