Most students will agree that studying on your own can be rather challenging. You may not fully understand the material or you may not be good at finding and analyzing relevant literature. In such cases, a study group might come in very handy. Different people can be conversant with different topics and subjects, and sharing this knowledge with others can contribute to academic success of all study group members. Here is some advice on creating a study group from .

Some Advice How to Create a Study Group

First, you must know the purpose of your study group precisely – whether it is aimed at studying some complicated material during the semester, getting ready for the midterm exams, improving your research and writing skills, etc. Having a clear goal is vital for the success of a study group.

Consider what people you want and don’t want to be members of your group. Again, it depends on the subject you plan to study and activities you will do; but make sure to take into account the strong points and character traits that your group members must possess in order to reach the set goals.

The number of people in the group is also important. If it is too big, you will most likely just end up chattering and gossiping and it will be rather difficult to actually study.

Set a schedule. You must know how many times a week you are going to meet, how many hours your study sessions will last, and what you plan to accomplish during each session.

Make sure to get each other’s contact details. Your daily routines may vary from week to week. With email addresses and phone numbers of each group member, it will be easier for you all to set and alter your schedule and get in touch with one another if need be.

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