It is commonly known that most educational institutions do not tolerate hazing. Nonetheless, this phenomenon is still present in some colleges and universities. Even though some people may consider college hazing traditional and normal, you should not accept this. Not only is hazing wrong, it is also unlawful, dangerous, and can even lead to permanent injuries. You should not stay aside whenever you encounter something like that, even if you are not sure it is hazing.

This article gives the following suggestions on dealing with college hazing

  • Get familiar with the hazing policy of your college so that you know how to act in a particular situation.
  • Stay on the safe side. When you feel you or your friends are in danger of hazing, try to get to some safe place as soon as you can. You can address your concerns to campus safety, talk to the friends and decide what to do, or even go home. This is not humiliating at all since nothing is more important than your health.
  • Whenever you experience or see something suspicious, inform campus staff about that. You can reach out to the Dean of Students, a faculty member, your tutor or adviser. Do not think you should not worry about some “minor” issues. No caution is extreme when it comes to hazing.
  • Ask for medical and/or psychological help when necessary. Go to your college counseling center, see a doctor, or visit college health center. You can also talk to someone very close to you and ask for advice.
  • Seek help from an organization that deals with hazing prevention.
  • Consider starting a hazing prevention campaign on campus. Educating your fellow students about dangers of hazing and about the ways to deal with this problem can make a huge difference and significantly curb if not eliminate the hazing culture.
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