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Dissertation Help - Methodology Chapter

When you are conducting a study, it is important to be deliberate as you are determining how to collect your data. This means explaining which type of data is most appropriate for your particular study (i.e., primary or secondary sources) and justification for choosing it. You should also explore the benefits and weaknesses of each method. This chapter ultimately provides some credibility as you are explaining your research since it tells the reader that your methods are purposeful rather than random.

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The Purpose of the Methodology Chapter

You might be wondering why it is important to discuss your choice of methodology. The mean reason is because the data and information you collect is based on the methods that you choose, and how you gather this data affects your findings and how you interpret the results. As previously alluded to, you should discuss the different possible methods that you could have chosen and explain why certain ones were or were not appropriate for the given research. In the end, justifying the use of the methodology makes it more difficult for other academics and researchers to criticize your work.

The Two Main Types of Research Methods

Your methodology can either be approached empirically or through interpretation. The former incorporates evidence that can support or reject a hypothesis. The latter seeks to offer new insights on a given fact.

Keys to Writing an Effective Methodology

As the reader gets to the methodology chapter of the dissertation, they should understand which methodology(ies) were used to explore a research problem and why these approaches were most appropriate. It is important to justify the methodology if you want the reader to find your paper to be credible. Discuss every method of data collection whether it occurs through a questionnaire, interview or survey and explain how you plan to analyze the results that they produce.

Since the reader might not be familiar with all of the method options, you should provide an overview. Along with justifying their use, you should clearly define how you plan to use these approaches. If applicable, discuss the limitations of using your methodologies and how you will do your best to overcome them.

Much like the other sections of your paper, the focus should be only on information that is relevant and advances the purpose of your paper. Keep the discussion of your methods concise and clear. If you stray from the topic, you will create confusion in the mind of the reader.

Also keep in mind that you don't have to spoon feed the readers every single detail related to your methods. You only need to explain the procedures if you can assume that the particular method will be unfamiliar to the reader.

Finally, keep this section objective. If you happened to have encountered issues along the way, don't attempt to hide this fact. Being transparent is important when doing research. Discuss the problem and explain how you intend to lessen the impact of these problems.

Methods Versus Methodology

The words “method” and “methodology” are not interchangeable. Rather, the method refers to the tools that you use in the research whereas the methodology is the rationale behind selecting these methods.

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