There are two ways to write dissertation a results chapter: as a separate chapter and in combination with a discussion section. Separate writing of this chapter will give you a possibility to concentrate on your achievements better and provide a description of your investigation, experiments, etc. Moreover, you will not have to worry about any implications that may occur.

Things that should be included in this chapter are as follows: results of the experiments, their significance, and statistical analysis. In addition, you can also mention sources that were useful in the process of research performance. However, it is important to remember that this chapter does not require you to write about everything you have done, as it will too difficult to do.

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In order to write any dissertation, you will need to implement specific methods. Consequently, these methods will lead to some outcomes. In case you want to describe some experiment in this chapter, you will also need to provide methods used. On the contrary, if you want to remove some experiments, methods should be deleted as well. In order to understand what results to include in the section, it is recommended to refer to the research question. It will help you understand better how some specific outcomes are related to the issue under discussion.

If you have made up your mind about what should be written in the paper, the next step is to determine the order, in which the methods will be provided. There are two ways to do it: chronologically or by research question or hypothesis.

It is clear that in order to reach success in your research, you should provide its findings logically and up to the point. It can be done by adding such elements as graphs, tables, figures, etc. Remember that your main task as a writer is to make your dissertation and dissertation results as interesting as possible to attract readers and convince them that your research worth attention. As a result, do not try to provide much confusing information, which will be difficult to understand. Evaluate your paper from the point of a reader to see how good you completed your task.

Dissertation Results Writing Guide

It is obviously that obtaining results is the primary aim of any research. As a result, it may seem that a dissertation results section is one of the easiest to write considering the fact that all you have to do is to tell about things you have investigated and observed. Nevertheless, the task may turn out to be quite tricky. The deal is that it is important to provide information on the research outcomes briefly, which is difficult to do for some writers who want to share as much information as possible.

You have to remember that in order to make you results section informative enough; you do not have to include your evaluation and interpretation of data in it. The aim of this section is to tell about what you have observed and lead the readers further to the discussion section.

As it was mentioned earlier, the results can be provided in two ways: separately or in combination with other section. It is difficult to say that one of the methods is better or worse as both of them have their pros and cons. For instance, by choosing the first method you will have an opportunity to concentrate on the experiment without describing its implications, while the second way will help you to do it at once without necessity to write about implications separately. The option you choose may depend on both you and the requirements of your faculty.

The other important thing to consider is the type of data you want to obtain. They may be qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative type of data are usually presented in a form of summary. Your task here is to analyze and evaluate the findings of your research. For example, you can evaluate them first from your perspective and then provide interpretation of the obtained results.

On the other hand, quantitative data deal with mathematics and statistics, which require using of different charts, diagrams and tables. Proper quantity outcomes can be obtained by comparing them to the main hypothesis of your project and defining how good they correlate.

Structure of the Dissertation Results Section

Structure is also an important element that should be paid attention to during writing. The structure of the dissertation results section is as follows:

  • The beginning of the section contains information on the goals of the project and refers to the introductory part of the paper;
  • Literature review serves as a tool for outlining previous researches and their findings;
  • Description and comparison section deals with comparing the results of your research to the ones described in the literature review;
  • Comment on the results of the comparison.

Do not forget that your task is to compare only those results that have a direct connection to the research question of your paper. Do not try to summarize everything, focus on the key aspects.

Please also note that all results provided should be supported by the related method. In its turn, every method has its findings. Consequently, removing an experiment from the dissertation results section means removing corresponding method as well.

You are free to present the findings of your research from the most to the least important or using a chronology, which means using a specific sequence to list the methods.

One more thing to consider is a way of presenting data. You can use graphs, tables, text or figures for this purpose. Sometimes, presenting information in a graphical manner helps readers comprehend it easier and faster. However, you do not have to try and put graphs in your paper even if they are not necessary. Moreover, do not forget to number them, as well as use corresponding headings.

The last thing to remember is that the information you provide should be accurate and reliable. In other case, all your efforts will be wasted. Do not forget about proofreading your paper. It is the best way to avoid mistakes.


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