To tell the truth, I enjoy the process of notetaking. Other students often see me scribbling down the lectures in class or rewriting my notes at the dorm. I also like to make my notes visually appealing. Thus, I rewrite them using colored markers and pens. Taking notes is an essential part of my learning routine. By reading and rewriting my notes several times, I remember new information easily and save time on preparation before the tests.

Practical Tips on Taking Notes Efficiently

  1. Always take notes during lectures. Pay attention to the information highlighted by a professor, especially if he/she says something like, “This may/will be on the exam”.
  2. Compare your notes to the information given in a textbook or PowerPoint Presentation slides offered by the professor. Is there any important information missing in your notes? If yes, rewrite the material into your notebook.
  3. Draw charts and graphs in your notebook to present information more clearly.
  4. Highlight important terms in bold.
  5. Use bullet points and headings to organize information more clearly. Use different colors to highlight important headings. In such a way, it will be easier to differentiate them from the rest of the text.
  6. Use colors and decorations to put emphasis on certain elements of the text. Highlighting will also help you to find important information quickly. Develop your own system of highlighting. This means using different colors for definitions, formulas, vocabulary words, etc.
  7. Use borders and banners to emphasize important topics from a lecture.
  8. Utilize hand lettering to mark quotes, headings and subtopics.
  9. It is recommended to start using these notetaking techniques when rewriting your notes after the lecture is over. You will need some time to get used to these methods. In addition, you will remember information easily when rewriting it after class.

So, if you also want to make organized notes that will help you in studying, follow these tips carefully.

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