Summer is close at hand and it is difficult to think about your future career. Nevertheless, not everybody is lucky enough to hang out with friends on the beach this summer. Some students have internships or part-time jobs. Somebody choses to be deprived of an adequate rest for the sake of his or her future career or at least a powerful entry of the CV. has some tips for the latter on the skills necessary for their future dream jobs and exactly an internship or a summer job would be ideal for gaining such skills. So, pay attention to developing your:

    • Organization skills. If you are not organized in college, it will be difficult to become organized at work. Use your internship or a summer job as a rehearsal to see whether you can cope with heavy workloads and deadlines. Remember that this skill is a must for your future career.


    • Verbal communication skills. If you notice that you have difficulty with expressing your thoughts verbally, you should pay attention to this obstacle and develop verbal communication skills. Why? Because such skill is needed in all spheres of life, not to mention the job of your dream.


  • Teamwork skills. Nowadays these skills are required by most companies. Unless you are going to work as a freelancer, you should learn how to work in a team. If you become a good team member, later in life you may become a good team leader.

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