Summer is over and you start forgetting about diet. You think that there is no reason to keep fit in winter because a loose sweater will hide a couple of extra pounds. For many of us, winter is associated with taking rest under a cozy blanket and watching TV all day. Such a passive life style results in gaining 2lb – 4lb during winter months. On the other hand, is it possible not to gain weight in winter or winter diet plan is something impossible? We will try to find it out.
Are our winter menu ideas justified?

Several myths about winter eating habits and reveal the truth

1. We eat more to stay warm. False. According to famous dieticians, people with excessive weight feel colder in winter. In fact, white fat reserves energy, while brown fat burns calories to make a person feel warmer. When we gain weight, we accumulate white fat, which does not prevent us from feeling cold.

2. We feel hungrier during winter. False. In fact, the difference in temperatures among the seasons does not affect our appetite, because human body has the ability to maintain nearly the same body temperature all year round.

So, if our human nature does not stimulate us to eat more in winter, does it mean that the reason of overeating is in our minds? The answer is YES.

  1.  We experience crave for puddings because we want to compensate lower level of happiness in winter. Find an interesting hobby and you will forget about hunger.
  2.  We gain weight even if we make reasonable food choices because we lack vitamin D in winter. Go outside more often and expose yourself to sunshine.
  3.  We often blame TV for winter weight gain. So, turn it off and have a walk around neighborhood instead of spending your time passively.

Now you know that the reason of your winter weight rise is hidden in your mind. Try to change your habits and keep fit even during the coldest season of the year.

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