How to Approach an Exploratory Essay

Sometimes, professors want to throw you into deep water and let learn something on your own from the very beginning. For this purpose, there exists an exploratory essay. This assignment is called to lead you to uncharted territories and go off the beaten track in order to make an important discovery for yourself. In other words, unlike in usual essays where you have a point to prove, with an exploratory essay, you will have to investigate an issue to arrive at a certain conclusion.

As you see, an exploratory essay is nowhere near all other academic paper you wrote before. Therefore, before writing it, you should find out more about its key features. First, these essays should be focused on a problem in question instead of a claim. Second, it should contain several solutions. There should be considered both strong and weak options so that you could eventually make a decision about the most appropriate one. Lastly, there are two strategies to approach the task. You may either write in a way described above (impromptu strategy) or choose a solution and then adjust the essay to it (retrospective strategy). The methods will make your essay look either natural or smooth respectively.
The structure of an exploratory essay should be the same as that of any other paper, i.e., consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Nevertheless, each of these parts is to be developed in a somewhat different manner.

Have a look at a helpful model:

  • Introduction

    1. Determine the scope of your topic and highlight the limits. The tools to do it are a reference to a source, definition of a concept, description of an event, or a direct question asked right in the first line.
    2. Provide details about the problem and explain why it is considered to be important. Make a brief overview of existing opinion regarding its resolving or share own point of view.
  • Body

    1. Write one paragraph aimed to provide a reader with additional background information if relevant.
    2. Speculate about the solutions to the problem explaining what each of them implies. Discuss them one by one devoting a single paragraph or section to each. It might be appropriate to compare and contrast ideas.
    3. Select one solution that you consider to be actually capable of mitigating the situation. If neither of the options presented seems fitting, make your own suggestion.
  • Conclusion

Restate the points outlined in the introductory paragraph, mention the solution chosen again, and reflect on the decision.
Of course, it might be a bit frightening to start studying something on your own. However, such an experience is very rewarding, which your professor actually wants you to understand. Try and, perhaps, you will realize that this learning style is the most suitable for you.

Human Nature, Cognitive and Peace Studies Theory

Human nature describes the distinctive personality, including habits of thinking, emotion and behavior that human beings seem to have in nature. In this perspective many theories have sprung up to answer the questions as to why all beings do not bear similar perspective. In cognitive descriptions...

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Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt is undoubtedly a striking figure of the 19th Century in the world of painting, courtesy of his enormous landscape paintings which always left people yearning for more. Albert was a German-American painter born in Germany on 7th 1830, and later relocated to America with his famil...

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In the Penal Colony

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is American institution that is subject to the United States Department of Labor. The institution was established under the terms and conditions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act that was signed in 1...

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Drug Addiction in Healthcare

Elvis Presley, Brittany Murphy, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston…What do all these people have in common apart from being famous in the film or music industry? The answer to this question is simple: drug addiction to some extent caused their deaths. ...

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Explain the Impact of Tobacco use on Both the Individual and Society


All humans around the world are born healthy with minor problems inside their bodies. Humans are healthy by nature, and the only harm that can be done to an individual is based on those choices that people tend to make during the period of their lifetime. However, the indiv...

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Classification and Division

Students in schools have different characters. We have those who are serious with their educational life while others are not. The few take the academics seriously and follow the school rules and regulations to the latter. Students who are lazy use shortcuts to achieve their academic ambitions. ...

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Light Microscope

A microscope is one of the most widely used biomedical laboratory equipment that is used in viewing images that are too small for the human eyes. This instrument has been used to magnify objects of interest to a magnification that allows them to be viewed by laboratory staff.  Seviour (2010...

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Caulerpa Taxifolia

Caulerpa taxifolia (Caulerpa) is invasive and non-native seaweed; also namely know as the "killer algae”. Caulerpa taxifolia was discovered in California in year 2000, but in the late 1970s it was considered as aquarium species that added an aesthetic beauty and source of trade in saltwate...

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Personality Types

Cherry (2010) has defined personality can be defined as the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. It arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life (Cherry, 2010). Personality controls the success and failures of ...

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Effect of Cosmetics on Facial Skin

L-Ascorbic acid (chemical formula C6H8O6), also known as Vitamin-C, is a powerful antioxidant found in human tissues. However, it cannot be synthesized by the human body. So it must be ingested from its natural sources such as citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. It ca...

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Healthy Coping Mechanisms

From time to time youngsters and adults alike are faced with challenges that may threaten healthy living and deprive them of happiness. Current apporaches in dealing with these challenges are geared towards nurturing of intrinsic mechanisms in coping with challenges. In addition research has als...

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Psychological Thinking

Psychological thinking should be directed by diverse readership to ensure that all possible areas are covered. Varied studies have been conducted in psychology and it is important that one considers the findings of the studies to have a rough idea of the psychological trends.  (Sternberg, 2...

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), is defined as a mental disorder arising  as a result of an “event or situation in which one is exposed to serious threat of injury or death and the experiences extreme fear, hopelessness, or horror.” (Shiromani 2). Danger is something that ...

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Sense of Identity

Basically, the research seeks to build upon previous conducted studies related to identity by attempting to draw a correlation between cultural identity and adaptive and maladaptive behaviors and the consolidation of personal identity. The study also puts into perspective considerations such as ...

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Educational Change

Just as the term alludes, adult education is the imparting of education to adults. This kind of education may take place in different settings; some of the settings being the workplace or the community. On the other hand, vocational training is the imparting of non-academic knowledge for the pur...

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Network Neutrality

The concept of network neutrality has raised very hot arguments between the various internet stakeholders. The concept of network neutrality has been defined in numerous different ways. The definition majorly addresses the issue based on the final goals which wish to be achieved (Lameley and Les...

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Climate Change

The concept of climate change is not new as it has been discussed over the years but the issue has gotten serious with time. It was not until recently that scientists were able to prove the claims that started to be made decades ago. Climate change has led to the drastic changes in the environme...

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Seat Belts

Have you ever considered how many lives would have been lost on the roads if it were not for the use of seat belts? Statistics on road safety measures indicates that 63% of those killed in a car accident is due to not wearing a seat belt. Nakahara et al (pp 29), defines a seat belt as a safety t...

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China, located in East Asia on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean is one of the largest countries industrializing at a very high rate. Its size is about 9.6 million sq km this being the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada. It is the most populous country in the world w...

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