Extracurricular activities is probably the most rewarding aspect of student experience. Joining such groups means acquiring many friends and acquaintances to share the same views. Participation in such kink of activity also means personal growth. However, there is another side of a coin: if a student has many hobbies, he or she is tempted to join more than one group. Of course, it is far more interesting to find new friends than, let’s say, write your term paper or get prepared for the test. Consequently, students become overwhelmed by activities that have nothing to do with studying. suggests you to ask yourself whether you are too busy? If your answer may be “Yes”, pay attention to the following signs:

  • It is hard to quiet the mind.Disability to “switch off” your mind in the evening eventually leads to insomnia. Sleep is essential for mental as well as physical well-being. If you worry about your planned activities instead of falling asleep, it means you are too busy.
  • You feel tired even if you have enough sleep. Being busy as a bee for a long period of time is stressful and leads to fatigue. It may result in lack of motivation and strengths to do well in class. You can also feel sad and depressed.
  • You often fall ill or get hurt. Stress challenges human immune system. If you notice that you catch cold too often or bruise yourself easily, it may be the sign that you are stressed.
  • You have too many points in your schedule.The fact that the events in your schedule overlap means that you have too many extracurricular activities. Constant running from one activity to another means that you pay enough attention to neither of them.
  • It is easy to push you over the edge. When stressed, human organism produces a kind of a chemical that regularly provokes mood swings. If you notice such a tendency in you, mind that you are stressed and overloaded.
  • You rarely devote time to yourself. Physical as well as mental health are essential for everybody. If you notice that you spend weeks with no rest and the possibility to focus on yourself, it is a warning sign that your schedule is too full. There must be at least 1 day per week for self-reflection and relaxation.

Despite the fact that extracurricular activities enrich your student life, the purpose of going to college is studying. Thus, you will only benefit from doing well in your academics rather than participating in extracurriculars. wishes you good luck!

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