Nowadays, winter sports are not just skiing, sledding, or snowboarding. Fortunately, there are much more exciting nontraditional winter sports that you can enjoy during the season.

Here are the best winter activities you should try out while having a winter vacation.

Non-Traditional Sports to Try This Winter

1. Ice karting
Have you ever heard about such thing? It is one of the fun winter activities offered inKuusamo, Finland. Kart racing on ice is one of the most exciting unusual outdoor winter sports. What is forbidden on the intercity roads, is the necessity here. Things like road rage and reckless driving with your pals on a frozen lake are allowed. You can switch off your brains. Haven’t you ever dreamed about driving like Michael Schumacher?

2. Dog sledding
Dog sledding is a travel through the picturesque landscapes of the winter fairytale on a sled dragged by a team of beautiful huskies. Go on an expedition to an unfamiliar place in a company of the loyal sled dogs. Alaska Best Wilderness, based in Tanana, offers you such an opportunity. The duration of the journey and the distance are up to you.

3. Snow tubing
For those who do not like unwanted risks, sledding in a tube is a real godsend. Going down the slope with your kids or friends is very safe, cheap, appropriate for family men and doesn’t require any extra equipment.Rock Ridge Recreation Park in Ontario, Canada, is the resort focused primarily on this particular kind of sport.

4. Polar bear swimming
Thrill-seekers around the globe are warmly welcomed inBusan, Korea. If you want to compete with the locals in swimming 80 meters in icy water wearing trunks or bikini, cease the chance. If you have a lack of like-minded people in your area, Koreans are ready to help. Although it may look unpleasant, swimming outdoors in winter is the best way to improve your endurance.

5. Ski biking
What can be better than going down the slope on a bike with the dizzying speed? Of course, it is not that easy to bike it correctly, bur even if you fail, it is so pleasant to ram into a heap of snow! One thing: record all your crashes on a camera and burst out laughing with your pals while watching it! By the way, Durango Mountain Resort, Colorado, offers ski biking as one of its winter activities.