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Are you having any questions about the terms and conditions of our cooperation? Have a look at our FAQ section and you will get all the answers to the most typical questions.

  • What types of assignments/papers do you provide? provides all types of academic writing, from high school through doctoral programs. Our researchers, writers and editors have backgrounds in all subjects and hold Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees in all major fields of study. From simple to the most complex assignment or project, we can provide exactly the correct staff members to meet your writing needs. Simply provide the necessary information regarding your writing needs and will provide the rest! The more details you give us the better we write.

  • How Do You Determine Your Prices?

    You will find that we are a bit more expensive than the masses of agencies advertising on the web; however, you will also find that, while other agencies do not promise customized, original works, and we do! Cheaper agencies will produce inferior, often partially or wholly plagiarized works, created by uneducated writers and resold once they are delivered to you. This is dangerous business indeed. Once you receive your custom-written, totally original work from our pros, the work is deleted from our system. It will never appear anywhere else, because according to our policy, the work belongs solely to you. Be careful when you look at other writing services – most are completely inferior both in quality of product and in service to their clients.

  • What if I need paper revision?

    All customers have a free revision option. For papers under 20 pages you will have 48 hours after the deadline for a revision. For papers longer than 20 pages free revision is available for 30 days after the deadline passes.

  • What efforts do you make for client’s satisfaction?

    We do care about our customers. First, we employ only those researchers, writers, and editors who have passed a rigorous screening and evaluation process. We assign writers according to their fields of academic expertise and the academic level of the order. Second, we take all of your information and specifications seriously, including all requirements for the work you are ordering and your deadline need. If you are able to give us proper time, we can deliver your ordered work well before your deadline for you to review it and to request any revisions – revisions are done at no additional charge if our writer failed to follow your instructions. We realize that our customers are our business, and meeting or even exceeding their expectations keeps us in business. You can be assured that we will do whatever it takes for you to be satisfied with both our service and the quality of the final product!

  • What is the Process for Ordering?

    Simply click the link of the order form. Here, you will find the opportunity to provide all of the details that allow us to assign the correct writer and to begin a process of writing. Make sure that all of your contact information is correct, including all methods of contacting you – e-mail, phone numbers, etc. If we have questions or need additional information, we need to be able to contact you immediately!

  • Can I communicate with my assigned writer?

    Yes, throughout the entire process. You will receive a number of ways to communicate directly with your writer. This is critical, because you may want to provide additional information or upload documents directly to him/her. As well, should your writer have questions, he/she will contact you directly.

  • What is Your Assurance Against Plagiarism?

    We don’t allow any work to be delivered without the guarantee of originality. First, we employ only degreed professionals to produce the ordered works; second, our writers know that, any aspect of plagiarism, even in a small part, will mean immediate dismissal; third, every piece is scanned for plagiarism, using our own sophisticated detection system, developed by the top pros in this field. Our system does not report a plagiarism check to any public database, which is an important key factor for our clients. When a university performs a plagiarism check, any piece that has been previously checked will be encountered if any of the regular software systems are used. Our scans will be found nowhere.

    Every work that we deliver is authentic and we provide the guarantees and the plagiarism reports to back up our guarantee. And so far no mistake has been made by our detection system. However, if you believe that our writer indeed plagiarized, you will be entitled to apply for a refund (please check our “Terms and Conditions” section), as soon as you provide a plagiarism report along with your claims. Your application will be checked by our Quality Control Department within 3-4 business days.

    Students often send us their writing works for review and editing. In these cases, we cannot provide a guarantee of authentcity, for we have not created the piece. However, we shall be happy to provide a scan for plagiarism, if requested. We also ask you to perform your own writing tasks responsibly and ethically, so that you do not jeopardize your academic career.

  • How long can it take to find a writer for my order? How can I know that the writer is assigned?

    Our Writing Department will do its best to find an appropriate writer for your order as soon as possible. This process can take from several minutes to a couple of hours. In some cases, it may take longer depending on the assignment’s complexity, writer’s availability, urgency, etc.

    Once the appropriate writing expert is found, you will be able to see their ID in the order details (the Writer line). Besides, you can track the order status in your account. If you see the order has the “Payment Verification” status, it means that your payment did not go through (you need to click on the “Pay Now” button to proceed with the payment). The “Processing” status means that the writer is assigned and working on your order. Finally, the “Sent/Completed” status means that the paper is written and ready for downloading.

  • When will I receive my order? Will you complete my paper on time?

    Your paper will be delivered to you in accordance with the deadline allocated. Pay attention that the countdown starts when the order is verified. When choosing the deadline, consider that the paper will be delivered to you right after the deadline expiration (if you choose a 1-day deadline, you will receive a paper in 24 hours after the order verification).

    Timely delivery of all orders is one of our primary guarantees. When placing your order, you will need to select the most appropriate deadline and one of our skilled experts will deliver your paper within this time frame.

  • I have some problems with placing my order. The page does not update and I cannot submit the order form. What am I doing wrong?

    If the system does not allow you to submit the order form but all the important fields are filled in, you need to make sure no big files are attached. The order form cannot be submitted because of the size restrictions. If you upload the order form without the files and everything works fine, feel free to submit the order form without any attachments. Later, you can send them via e-mail to our Support Team and one of our managers will forward your files to the writer and attach them to the system.

  • Can I receive a draft?

    Yes, you are free to order a 1-page draft of your paper. You will receive it after 50% of the deadline allocated. Pay attention that this service is available for additional payment.

  • Can I edit my profile by changing my phone number/password/email?

    Yes, you can change the information in your personal profile. Please, log in and click on the “Edit” tab. To get your profile updated, do not forget to save changes.

  • I have chosen the wrong order type/urgency/number of pages/academic level. Can I add more pages? Is it possible to update the order form?

    It is impossible to update the order details when the order form is already submitted. Adding more pages to your paper is possible if you place an additional order. You can place an additional order by logging in to your personal account – My Orders section. Please, note that the price of your order will be changed based on new requirements and you will need to pay the price difference for applying changes.
    If you need some help with updating the order form or placing a new order, feel free to contact our Support Team.

  • I have some problems with paying for my order. What can I do?

    Our company does not deal with the customers` payments directly. If you are having any payment issues, we recommend trying another debit/credit card or another payment method system. In addition, you can try to pay for your order using another device or browser. For more information, feel free to contact our Support Team.

  • Can you send my paper earlier if the writer manages to complete it before the deadline?

    According to our policies, our customers receive their papers within the deadlines indicated. The deadline you choose when placing the order influences the salary that is paid to both the writer and editor. We cannot make them work without appropriate compensation. Thus, if you need to receive your paper earlier, you will need to compensate for the price difference between the deadline allocated initially and the new one. To get more information about the compensation to be placed, feel free to contact our support team.

  • If I order the supreme level of quality, should I still pay for the Preferred Writer option?

    If you select the supreme quality level, you can be sure that your paper will be assigned to one of our top 30 writing experts in your discipline. Besides, you will get a detailed plagiarism report on your order. However, if you want to cooperate with a specific writer, who has already completed some order for you, you need to place your order choosing the Preferred Writer option. Our Writing Department will notify your preferred writer about your willingness to cooperate.

  • I do not want to provide my phone number. Why should I do that? Will you keep our cooperation private? Will my personal information be shared with any third parties?

    It is not obligatory to provide your phone number. Nevertheless, if you provide your phone number details, it will greatly improve our communication and help us get the necessary clarifications when need be.

    Our company has a strict non-disclosure policy, which allows us to protect our customers from any privacy issues. In particular, you can be sure the writer working on your order will not know your personal information including your email, name, or gender. Pay attention that you will not be able to receive the personal information of our writers as well.

  • Why can’t I pay for my order?

    If you see the “Payment/authorization failed” error on your screen, make sure to try another device/browser/payment system/card or contact your bank directly.

  • I was notified that my order will be refunded. How long will it take?

    The refund process may take from 3 to 5 business days depending on the work of your bank.

  • Can I get a refund in the form of bonus credits?

    In this case, you will need to notify our Support agents via phone or Live Chat about your decision or contact our Financial department on the matter. Bonus credits will be forwarded to your account as soon as your refund request is approved. When the bonus is credited, you will get an option to use it as payment for your next order. Pay attention that you will get bonus credits after approval of your refund request.

  • I cannot find the necessary writing service on your list. What if I don`t know what assignment I should choose?

    In this case, you can send your instructions to our support team via Live Chat or e-mail and they will check them thoroughly to suggest the type of assignment you can order.

  • What assignment type should I order?

    To figure out what assignment type you need to buy, feel free to get in touch with our support representatives before placing the order. One of our managers will analyze your guidelines and guide you accordingly.

  • Is there any chance to negotiate the price on your website?

    All our prices are stable but you can always get in touch with our support managers and discuss your request. We have a great affiliate program, which will enable you to reduce the price of your order. There are high chances that our manager will provide you with a discount coupon that will help you economize your savings.

  • Can your writer purchase a book needed for my assignment?

    In accordance with our policies, customers are supposed to provide all the necessary materials on their own since they are not available online.

  • Do you guarantee that I will receive a good grade for my paper? How can I be sure that I will receive a high-quality paper?

    For obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee high grades. However, we guarantee that all the papers produced by our writers meet the highest quality standards. All of our writers are experienced Ph.D. and Master`s holders specializing in diverse academic disciplines. We have been assisting our customers for more than twenty years helping them achieve academic excellence. To make sure the quality provided by our team is outstanding, you can check the free samples available on our website.

  • Can you complete an urgent order?

    Yes, we have vast experience in dealing with urgent assignments. However, we recommend you contact our support managers and ask them to confirm that your order can be completed within a short period of time.

  • I have already completed a part of my paper. Can you finalize it for me?

    Yes, one of our writers can finish your work. If you are not sure how to place an order in this case, feel free to contact our support managers and they will gladly assist you.

  • Can I check my paper for plagiarism?

    Yes, you can order the “Additional Plagiarism Check” option when placing your order on our website and it will enable you to check your paper for plagiarism using the newly created account at Please, note that you can check the paper up to 1000 words (any paper you want) free of charge. You will receive a letter from with a detailed report.

  • Can I check if you can complete my assignment before placing the order?

    Sure. To do this, you need to contact our support managers providing them with the accurate description of your task and they will gladly assist you.

  • Can you complete my online test?

    Yes, we provide our customers with online test assistance. When placing your order, you need to choose the “Online Test” order type. Besides, you will need to provide us with all the important materials including lectures, books, and other files that may help the text-taker get prepared for your exam. What is more, you will need to let us know the date, duration, and time of the test, as well as your time zone. Once you clarify all requirements, one of our experts will study all of your materials thoroughly to get ready for the test, log in to the website, and pass your test successfully.

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