All students know that regular physical activity is good for their health and can even boost their academic performance. But most of them do not exercise on a regular basis and the most common excuse is “no time to exercise” – what with all the task and responsibilities college students have. However, everybody can find time to work out daily, no matter how busy they are.

It’s Time to Exercise no More Excuses: Consider these tips from

  1. Spend less time on media. You say you don’t have time for exercise? And how many hours a day do you spend on watching sitcoms, playing online video games, and randomly surfing the net? Surely you could cut down on it by at least half an hour and use this time for working out?
  2. Bike or walk to class. This is an easy and effective way to fit a 10-15 minute workout into your daily schedule. And don’t let the laziness get in your way!!
  3. Try to get up earlier. It is true that getting enough sleep is crucial for maintaining good health condition. And we know that being a student you cannot always spare enough time for it. But try to get up just 15 minutes earlier than usual and do simple warm-up and stretching exercises. You’ll be surprised at how energetic and cheerful it can make you feel.
  4. Squeeze in some exercises when you watch TV. Do some squats or jumping jacks during ads or jog on the spot while you watch your favorite show. This is very simple, yet it can add up to 30 minutes of exercise every day.
  5. Make exercise a part of your social life. You probably eat out, go to movies or watch football matches with your friends every weekend, right? How about changing the routine? Go to gym, play tennis on campus, or go for a long hike. This will also help you to get in shape and add some fun to your life.
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