I have never known a person fully comfortable with who he or she is. However, the degree to which people accept themselves varies. If anxiety and self-hatred are getting the best of you, try to follow these simple steps and learn what you can offer the world and people around you.

Perhaps your life will become just a little bit easier.

  1. Learn how to be satisfied with your life by appreciating what you have already achieved.
    Often, when we think about ourselves, we start by recalling our mistakes, but when we think about others, we only remember their accomplishments. Learning to accept yourself starts with forgiving whatever you’ve done wrong in your life and thinking about the things you’ve succeeded to fulfil. Write out all the things you can be proud of. Read them out loud. Celebrate them! And by doing this, celebrate the person you are now!

  2. Comparing yourself with others has never done any good.
    People you don’t know intimately always seem so well put together, that whatever you do turns out to be tragically sub-par. However, everyone is privately full of fears and secret failures.You just cannot see them. Be proud of what you accomplish, even small things. Appreciate yourself.

  3. Perfection is a myth.
    It’s easy to tell yourself that all you need to truly love yourself is to be just a tiny bit better or accomplish just a little bit more. The truth is that this journey has no end. You can feel good about yourself without being perfect.

  4. Find out what you are good at.
    You will never be happy trying to be someone you are not. Instead of fighting against your nature, follow it. If you are good at leading people, become a mentor or a nurturer. If working under pressure is your forte, use this as a way to shine. And if making people around you feel good is something you excel at, use it to make more people happy in this world.

  5. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.
    Sometimes the simplest physical activities can reaffirm your self-worth. Make sure your outer appearance is always nice. Surround yourself with objects that bring you joy. Eat well and try to exercise.

Hopefully, these simple pieces of advice will make you feel better and appreciate your uniqueness more.

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